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Hi, Good to hear you've been going around town and enjoying yourself. For the pearl milk tea, I've only really drunk the one's on Shi-Da Road (MRT: Taipower Building on the green line), where I lived. You'll find some good tea there, plus a nice nightmarket. It's were most of the international students go to Uni and live, so a good place to hang out at night. When you really want to crash after partying, go to JR. Cafe, one of the only places in town that's open 24/7, it's on Shi-Da Road as well. For the smelly tofu, it's not really my thing so wouldn't really know. Two tips: 1, ask a local, Taiwanese are friendly people, they'll definetely show you their favorite spot (or at least their uncle's restaurant) 2, go where all the other people go, a lot of people never means shitty food, lines are good. Best peking Duck in town you will find right here: 北平為福樓(信義店) Address: 台北市大安區信義路四段199巷4號 4, LN 199 Sec. 4 Xin Yi Rd For shopping, most electronics are cheap here, it's like HK. Go to the Supernova near Main Station to pick up one of those small laptops or camera. In the clubs wear the stuff you wear in NYC or HK. Shirt and jeans, you'll get in with sneakers on everywhere, just no shorts. There's also a nice joint named Luxy, that's where most of the international stars perform when they visit. Final tip, talk to the locals, they all want to practice their English and everybody is very, very friendly. You just might make a lot of new friends.
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omfg.. the Take5 store is awesome.. Almost everything is $100 cheaper than selfedge.
Flathead 1001 / 3001 can be had for around $215. Same with PBJ and RJB , momotaro,

Ironhearts / Samurai might be same price forgot to take note. I did see some ironhearts that were around $600-$700 usd though.. Forgot what model.
Gonna go back tomorrow.. too tired to try anything on today.
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Somebody tell if the pics are too big. Can't tell on my decently big monitor i didn't get to eat legendary coffee bread or go to take5, but I got to eat legendary niuroumian. the meat was amazingly soft. the tomato broth thingy was a little weird to be honest, but still decently good. pics. met up with an old family friend otw back to the motherland. he showed me around. pretty fun. I can't tell from the file names as I'm typing this, but there's niuroumian, the zhongzheng (sp?) museum/plaza place, and longsanshi night market where I had choudofu, suanlatang, and some jiaozi)
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Next set of pics are from the cantonese restaurant next to the gugong museum. I WILL COME BACK SOME DAY FOR SOME MORE CULINARY EXPERIENCES!!!!
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Sorry for the bump, but I will be in Taipei for a couple days. Anyone have any recommendations of things to do, places to drink, things to eat, where to have a good time cheaply?

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