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Wearing a navy db blazer...

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When wearing a DB blazer, 6x2, do most of you button one of the two buttons-- or both? I've noticed in several of the books I've flipped through that often both buttons are worn buttoned-- so that all six enameled or shiny buttons show. I'd never do this with a DB suit, but thought I'd poll the troops on this one.
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Just one, the top one, which gives the coat a nicer shape.
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I also button only the top. Buttoning only the bottom does create a fairly dramatic roll of fabric down the front of the coat, but I don't do this. Buttoning all of them looks a bit fussy--sort of like using the buckle on a rain coat's belt. Much better to carelessly knot the two ends of the belt together.
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I always do up the top button only. And I thought it was faux pas to button both - but then like you I noticed that many style legends wore them that way. I wonder when it changed??
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Foxx, for what it's worth, I wear double-breasted coats with the top buttoned, with the bottom buttoned with long-rolled lapel, and all buttons done up - depending on my mood. There doesn't seem to be perfect consensus on this; as A. Harris mentioned, you'll see as many pictures of style icons using one configuaration as much as using another. If you're of moderately tall height, I don't think it matters much; a really short guy would probably look better with the lapel rolled to the bottom button.
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