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Deadlifted 365 today, Just about 2x my body weight. Got it pretty easy, but my grip started to go. After OH press and squats I'll be doing the de-load week.

Really loving 531.
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Originally Posted by TrH View Post

It may if you're squatting high bar oly..
Then again since the loading is usually much lower in the fs it's probably that the back squat drives the fs, so I think you're right on the money.

Try doing 3 months of mainly front squatting, your back squat numbers probably won't increase.
Then try 3 months of back squatting, you front squat numbers will definitely increase.

I speak, of course, from my own experience, so you can take it for a grain of salt if you want.
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Well considering that before I started front squatting I couldn't even back squat 40kg I would hope its gone up from that.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Brought my sister to the gym today. She squatted 35kg for 10 pretty easily, but she couldn't do good mornings with the bar. For a 100lb 5'2" chinese girl I thought that was alright. I can't be fucked to teach her another program so she's just doing 531 with me.

more importantly is she hot?
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Best things to do if I want to keep my current build but just build a bit more muscle definition? Not really looking to bulk up or look super ripped, just have some visible muscle definition at my current size.
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You might be able to meet her in February, but she seems to only like short, scrawny, awkward chinese men who are good at maths and are willing to spend all their money on her, but too timid to try anything with her so I don't know how much luck you'll have.
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do a strength based program and cut out your non-lean calories until you lose enough weight.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

do a strength based program and cut out your non-lean calories until you lose enough weight.

If this is in response to me, I'm only like 145 and 6'0" so not really worried about losing weight, just want to build a bit of muscle.
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You said something about muscle definition? I don't know when I read those words my eyes roll back into my head and I just type things
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Thanks guys. Didn't consider nuts *brain fart*

You are right on about the iron, speedy. I'm taking a handful of liver tabs after every meal, great source of heme iron and I feel badass.
Originally Posted by speedy4500 View Post

Nuts are also great for adding mass. One cup of nuts a day would add about 800 calories. You can buy mixed roasted nuts in bulk at most supermarkets, or Costco/Sam's. They're low carb, decent protein, high fat, and lots of iron which is extremely important--oxygen binds to iron in your blood stream to get carried to the cells for ATP conversion. I can actually feel when my iron is low, especially in higher rep sets I'll lose explosiveness more quickly.

Also, yesterday when the earthquake hit DC I was in between squat sets at 325. Could have been dangerous if I had had the bar on my back when that thing hit.
Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post

Strive to increase the caloric density of the foods you are eating. I'm light, too, but if you are underweight according to BMI, than you really need to consider your approach to food as dysfunctional.
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Eating a bunch is easy. Simple sugars, fatty foods, nuts. You know, the typical American diet. Something like cookies will have you feeling hungrier as you eat it.

IDK, I have a sweet tooth so it's a struggle sometimes. But yea you're not gonna get big eating 100% healthy. Get what you need and then pig out to hit th equota.
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I always keep a jar of mixed nuts on my desk. Opened it up today after a week to findcoworkers have raided it. Only left me a handfull of peanuts frown.gif
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

I don't know if anyone has ever taught themselves how to clean properly the first time. Most people end up reverse curling the bar and kind of using there traps. I think the easiest way to self teach yourself it is basically just learn do to a high pull and then from there work on snapping your elbows underneath the bar to catch it. I find it makes the lift less confusing. I don't know why more people who are only doing it for power and not because they do oly lifts don't just do high pulls, tucking your elbows underneath is only really so you can perform a jerk after.

Tried this last night, your insight was extremely helpful, thanks.
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That may work for PCs quite well, for full cleans the third pull is a bit more than just snapping the elbows under the bar.
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- Chest is now 41", so quite a few of my button-down shirts don't really fit in that area anymore. Really tight across the back if I raise up my arms. Kind of a bummer, but at least I didn't ball out on any of these shirts.

- I lost my wrist wraps at the gym last month. I really need to pick up some more because I've been doing heavier push presses and my wrists feel like cement mixers when I first wake up.

- I help my uncle install carpet a couple days a week. It's physically taxing work, which I always hated. Lately, though, I've been enjoying it a bit because I'm just seeing it as a more unorthodox way to carry, pull, and push heavy objects. Plus the rolls of carpeting pad are like amazing, giant foam rollers.
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