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Da fuck.
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^ I get 24 hour fitness at that price
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Da fuck.

I had a golds gym that had just opened in Somerville, MA when I was looking for a gym. AFAIK it was like 200 bucks for a 2 year membership... I hurt my back 3 months after joining and couldn't work out for 3 years. Fuckers.


But yeah, cheap ish around.

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Gym memberships are retarded in NYC.

The Y near me is actually great so I lucked out, but even that's $60/month
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150 per year at the local PL and WL club. Has 7 racks, 10+ good barbells, heavy dumbbells and most machines. Only thing missing is a sauna.
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I miss the fitness center at my old apartment -- squat rack, dumbbell rack, bench/incline, and a treadmill. No screaming dudebros, no hot women, no dollars a month.

Seriously considering asking the manager if I could still pop-in a few times a week.
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I just hope I can handle a gym after a few years of the quiet of my own workout room at home. I just want to get a little more serious with the weights and it also would really be nice if I could get my exercise in the middle of the work day done 2-3x a week.
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I pay $75/month for a mediocre gym and had a nearly $300 enrollment fee. #suburbia

Generally very light traffic in the middle of the day at every gym I've ever been to so you should be fine, Piob
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People really over complicate the gym. You can do pretty much everything with dumbbells, and only really need a barbell for squats and deadlifts. I can do pretty much everything at my apartment gym except for squats/deadlifts. I go to a shitty $30/Mo gym for that every sunday.

This man needs a public beating. I can't stand cyclists.
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Or buy new shirts that will fit in to your body. You are the one who knows if you nedd to go to gym and do workout only suggestion is... do what make you feel satisfy.

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Reggs coming in heavy with the Dunning Kruger
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Lmao you're weird as fuck Reggs
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