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oops wrong thread

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I went full bro like a year ago. Best decision ever for me. Why fight it?
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I like lifting heavy things
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Three weeks done with PSMF. All lifts still at the same level but 4kg down in weight and clearly way more definition, mainly in the shoulder/arm and abs area. One week to go, a total of 2kg more to lose probably. But my real deadline is in August so super easy after the PSMF.

After sticking super strictly and just adding 500g of carbs on my last two refeed Saturdays we went a bit more lenient today and went to the Street Food Festival in Basel. Had a mini Seitan burger with grilled vegetables and yogurt dip, some vegan Kottu Roti (Sri Lanka), a wheat tortilla filled with grilled aubergine and blended tomatoes, a small quesadilla (Mexico), half of a small vegetarian Tarte flambée (Alsace, France), irio with pilau and chapati (Kenya) and the smallest bag of churros they had while declining the chocolate sauce. Going to go a bit more conservative for dinner with some lamb filet and sweet potato, had egg whites for breakfast.

7 days to go.
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Nice. Are there typically many vegan options available in Germany?

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Basel is in Switzerland
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Shit, I only read his location and saw Germany
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That American geography in action
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The rest of the world is just "Not the USA" k
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anyone know if creatine is heat stable i.e. can I put it in my cup of tea or coffee?
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In solution at neutral PH and 37C creatine degradation to creatinine was measured to be around 1% over 24 hours IIRC. Rate increases with increased temp and decreased ph
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I can't answer that question, but if you have not used it before and want to know the best way to consume it, creatine does not dissolve, so it will stink to the bottom of any beverage you put it in very quickly. In hindsight I wish I bought it in pill form.
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Nah I've used it for years. It does dissolve.

Do the same thing to salt or sugar and see that they don't immediately dissolve.

Need to use the handy dandy laboratory magnet stirrers.
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Originally Posted by MGoCrimson View Post

Shit, I only read his location and saw Germany

To answer your question yes there are plenty especially at food markets.
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As he said. I live close to Basel and there are also some dedicated vegetarian and vegan restaurants. It's not really that "everything is schnitzel" lifestyle that many Germans show abroad.
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