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I've never heard of people being opposed to carton egg whites. I use them every day. 2 whole eggs + 1 cup of whites.
The only drawback is you can't whip them into meringue or anything for baking since they are pasteurised/heated.
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How about this stuff?

Can be kept (unopened) at room temp for 5 months!

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I'll try it out then. I dont think Id need anything that kept for 5 months unless I started making stuff at an office ect. I wonder how they can pasturize egg whites without making curdes. It seems from videos that egg whites in a carton are more thin than than from the egg after separation.

So I saw this video from Scooby, who is one of the better youtube bodybuilding guys out there:

I make this all the time now. It can be made very quickly and it's delicious. Also, that salmon he uses doesn't cost that much compared to canned. I just waste a lot of yolks.
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I think the benefit of it lasting that long is you can bulk buy and it doesn't have to be kept in a fridge/freezer

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I just used the carton egg whites and I'm very disappointed.

They have less cohesion when cooked, less flavor, and worst of all they are pretty much eternally soggy and seeping water, even though I cooked them for a pretty long time. I can't see myself keeping this up. Too bad. The Vons I go to has a deli that will make a lot of stuff. Why can't they just separate egg whites there and not ruin them with pasteurizing?
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

So I saw this video from Scooby, who is one of the better youtube bodybuilding guys out there:

That was a joke right? Also, unless you're cutting and want to avoid the extra calories just eat your eggs with the yolk. They're good for you.

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That guy is mentally challenged, right?
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Not at all, being as fit as he is at his age is extra impressive. He's just a little fabulous and it's effected his voice and mannerisms. Watch a few more of his videos about lifting, it's all sound and practical advice.
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No, his videos really aren't good. 

I don't think any comments are needed for that.


And there's close to no correlation between the physique of a person and their knowledge on bodybuilding, there's countless examples of that. With that being said I think his proportions are pretty bad.

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Leg presses can put the pelvis in posterior tilt resulting in lumbar flexion and greater risk for disc injury. I'd argue that your spine is much safer squatting due to the level of spinal stabilization required when handling heavy weights.

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lol, gtfo
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Well, holy shit. I haven't been on here in a long time (you were beardless, at not knocking on the "freak-zone" door. and i mean "freak" in a good way) and i gotta ask, even though you probably don't want to answer honestly, since you post your face on here....but, are you cycling, or cruising bra? And i have read zero of this thread, so my bad if anyone's brought it up already.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

at 228 now....

Shit, my above post was meant for you krunk. My bad.
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Costco has those egg white cartons if you're looking for them. Get two in a pack i think.

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Been climbing like 5 times and my shoulder is fucking flaring up again. Need to get in that RC prehab groove. Ugh.

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