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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I liked how I felt at like 175 pretty solid. I was starting to branch out a bit and want to do that. Cycling, climbing, maybe even boxing classes for variety and cardio. I prefer working out outdoors, but really enjoy how I feel and look when I lift. Hoping to settle around 170-175 solid and don't want to end up fluctuating weight too much. It's nuts. Everything is so close to me right now but my schedule is fucked because I have no idea how to study anymore. 

I've started running a bit in addition to a few sessions of lifting per week. I've also dramatically cut down on the olympic lift volume since I've left the club I was training at.
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Originally Posted by milosh View Post

Yeah I can imagine as I think we're built similarly(height etc) and our numbers were similar a while ago. You're obviously bigger than me now and you've been training harder.

I'm getting kind of sick of being tired all the time, small injuries etc. I enjoy the sport but by doing it seriously it starts getting in the way of other stuff i'd like to be doing.

Kind of how I feel at times.

The smaller injuries and aches are def bothersome. I used to have other hobbies (skateboarding, DJing, music production, gaming) but lifting takes up almost all the time from those now. Its a shame, but at the same time I sort of lost interest in all of them when I realized how much time I had to spend at either to get better. I tend to go into a hobby, do it all out, and eventually sort of quit to find something else. I know I might just quit lifting one day and I'm ok with that. For the moment I think its worth doing until its no longer fun.

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@milosh maybe you should try some group classes, that might "cheer you up" into the fitness routine again... I discovered them a year ago and my change -mentally and physically- has been for the better... I have improved my overall conditioning and I am doing more cardio than I ever had and still growing (which is crazy).


Taking vacations from lifting is also a healthy habit I believe. I still get amazed at how many people go on vacations and go to the hotel gyms and such... I think is crazy... but to each their own. I always stop lifting for Christmas and summer, and during my city's spring festivities. I think that does a mind and body, good.

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It is kind of funny how so many folks here got slammed with life like at the exact same time. I get it.

I'm not going super hard right now. Waist is almost 30" and I'm lean enough. Strength is coming back, maintenance is back up to where it should be for a healthy adult male. Hoping this bulk/cut cycle will be my last for a while. I'm definitely getting more and more interested in cycling and other outdoor sports. The closer I get to Speedo condition the more my interest shifts to other things. Hoping I can get to the point where I can just cruise indefinitely with minimal maintenance.

Gonna start with the kids next fall so 2016 might be my last hurrah as well frown.gif I dont want a dad bod
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showed friend deadlifting video, he said


Look at the ordering of your thoracic spine. Your shoulders aren't retracted and the thoracic spine is pretty much already flexed at the start, which leads your lower back to flex later in the set or when the weight is heavier. I can't tell from the videos but take a look at your posture. It's possible your shoulders are hunched over from years of desk sitting or slouching and so you don't even realize that your thoracic spine isn't properly ordered in a neutral position when you are setting up.


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You need to relearn deadlifts. Your hips are too low (making you squat up the weight and hips rising before chest when the bar leaves the ground), you are not tight and your spine is in flexion. With your current technique, the load is transferred to your low back, where your disks are "exposed" due to your technique with the rounded back.
If you can't (as in its not even possible for you) retract your shoulders and keep the straight-ish natural curve in your spine by straightening your upper back and pulling the shoulder blades back and down, then you need to work on your mobility in those areas before you deadlift heavy again.
However, in my experience cases like your technique can be fixed with setting up properly and paying more attention.
How far away are your shins from the bar at the start?
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I place my feet so that the bar cuts them in half, when I bend down to start, shins are against the bar. I'm gonna try to consciously work on posture/keeping my shoulders back and down in and outside of gym.

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i wish i could get back into lifting
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@Chulillo Thanks for the advice. I still want to work out and keep some level of fitness but I don't really want to go back to worrying about numbers and getting as big as possible.
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I have a 2 day a week workout. My leg is 90% back from the ACL tear. Lifting has totally taken a backseat to my other hobbies.
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Originally Posted by milosh View Post

@Chulillo Thanks for the advice. I still want to work out and keep some level of fitness but I don't really want to go back to worrying about numbers and getting as big as possible.

I have never done that in my life and I think I am in pretty good shape... If you are not competing or living out of fitness, enjoy working out and eating as best as you can while not saying no to certain treats every now and then... I don't necessarly have great genetics or anything but I have found out that being in better shape than the average joe is really EASY...

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I do bro lifts once a week and run 2-3 times a week
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Accordion - just tighten up your start position. Chest out, back locked, put tension in your arms and bar. If you're able to do that and maintain the position throughout your lift you'll be much better. A proper start position is work, it shouldn't be a happy comfy place to hang out. I don't like the way you're lowering the weight after completing the lift. You're totally rounding the top of your back and slumping it down.

Anyone here do the barbell WOD? I've heard good things.
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is that some sort of @fit fad
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come on bruh, I can't be the only one that still lifts? Rugby season is done so I've started a new program going every 2 days (4 day/week). Feeling goood icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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