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Hey all. Back at it. Moved into a new apartment with my fiance and have a gym literally down the block. Place has everything from deadlift platform to 150lb dumbbells.

Retested my 1rm and was at bench 335x1
Dead 455x1 (which is insane since it's the highest I've ever dled like 2 years ago) and squat feeling real uncomfortable at 275. Also lost my oly lifting shoes in the move but I'll find them eventually.

Can someone explain why my squat is such ass.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

What about goblet squats? Bulgarian split squats? I'd regress away from the squat if you're having hip problems. Anatomically the hips should be able to squat down, that's what they were designed to do. There's just something going on with you. Regressing away from the squat and doing single legged stuff should tell you whats wrong. Like if you suck at bulgarian split squats then you have tight hip flexors.

fwiw I haven't back squatted in a good 6+ months.

bulgarian split squats are ok. goblet squats hurt my hips.
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Originally Posted by virus646 View Post

Is fuji dead?
Lol wait a minute, this isn't laughing matter!
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No, I will miss fuji if he dies.

Mark, though... he's had his chance.
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So i Just finished week one of Sheiko #32, the comp. cycle. It is the first time I've maxed out i years. I hit 315 on bench, 350 squat, and 375 deadlift at 174lbs. The deadlift went up really easy, so I tried for 400 after. I got it off the ground but felt my form slipping, so I set it back down.

It was also my first week using Romaleos, so I am hoping that my balance will improve a bit going forward.

My deadlift is lagging a bit, partially do to some form adjustments and also the lack of volume in the Sheiko program when it comes to deadlift. I'm pretty confident that I can get 400 next time around though.
(My wife has also been lifting with me lately. She hit 75 on bench, 160 squat, and 165 deadlift at 120 lbs).
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Per all the Sheiko talk, I'm in my 4th month using the program via the App (which I recommend - makes the whole thing super easy to follow). Did a couple of the advanced medium load mesocycles, now doing a large load. It's definitely a different experience from 5/3/1, which I had been doing prior. Never really lifting at high percentages has me very curious to see how they go when I eventually max. A lot less stressful mentally than 5/3/1.

As I've been following the program, I've also been cutting down, from a high of 233 last September to about 205 right now. At 233, I managed 385,365,505 in a mock meet fashion. No real idea how my bench or squat compare atm, but I've pulled 515 recently. Gonna compete for real in late October, hopefully manage something like 425/385/535 @198.
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What shoes do you guys work out in? I've had a couple pairs of Nike Free runs for the longest time and they're getting beat, going to switch it up and purchase 1 pair for training and 1 pair for running.

I don't spend too much time doing squats/deadlifts so I don't need a weightlifting or thin sole shoe specifically for that, just looking for something versatile and comfortable!

Thinking about flyknit chukkas for the gym, and zoom's for running?
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Today was leg day and my new Reebok crossfit shoes arrived just when I finished working out... so... CRAP... but I did try them on for size and squat a little and deadlifted a little as well just to see... nothing really heavy or anything, I am still tired but I could noticed that even though these are not specific shoes for that (can't compare since I don't own any other weightlifting pair) they make a very noticable difference from any regular pair of shoes. 


I usually work out in a generic "training" categorized shoe and I can tell there is a difference already... we'll see next time I have to smash my legs. For the price I bought them (almost -60% off) I am already delighted with what I got... maybe next week I will tell you more, or another kind of impression but so far, really really nice. 


And it seems these won't get on the way of working any other body part... I think I will keep working out with my regular pair of shoes for other body parts but I don't thin these will be bad at all in case I wanted to use them. For cardio... well, that is a whole other story. 

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They don't have a drop, which most other shoes have.
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I made an incline platform for the home gym. Doesn't feel drastic but at the same time makes a huge difference. Torso can sit a lot more upright. Was the missing link to help wifey squat (5' 11" with a 33" inseam)
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

I made an incline platform for the home gym. Doesn't feel drastic but at the same time makes a huge difference. Torso can sit a lot more upright. Was the missing link to help wifey squat (5' 11" with a 33" inseam)

dat feel when wife is taller then 3/4 of rhet.
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Cut is going pretty well. 

Training is no problem. Can hit the weights as I should with the only downside that I am a bit more exhausted than before.

Only down 5 lbs, which I guess is mostly water weight, but starting to look pretty lean. Also noticed that I look smaller than I expected. Prob don't need to cut more than another 5 lbs.

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Down to 131lbs, woo

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Originally Posted by round View Post

Down to 131lbs, woo

be careful not to fall through your own anoose
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131!? Fucks sake, I hope you're 5 feet tall!
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