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Lets clear a few things up.

Commercial banks are in the business of taking deposits and making loans.  Banks don't only get money from the "fed" as you put it.  They get capital from depositors, equity owners of the bank (shareholders) and many of them issue their own public and private debt on their own (this comes from people/pensions/etc who are making a profit off the banks EVIL!!!! ?).  They make money by prudently managing risk, and provide a ton of value.  How do you think businesses support themselves?  If it only came from the owner's putting in equity and retaining cash flow generated, then many/most companies would not be able to operate.  Bank debt is way cheaper than getting people to invest in your business.  That's the value they provide.  

Investment banks essentially are middle men or service providers.  They create, structure, and market "securities" to investors who want to buy them on behalf of entities (cities, towns, organizations, companies) who need capital.  In addition, they offer advice for these same entities regarding these, and other corporate transactions.  They earn a small percentage of the proceeds.  Without these middlemen, once again, these entities would have trouble accessing capital to fund their operations.  For example, skeen say your father's machine shop was bigger, and he wanted to sell it when he retired.  How would he go about finding the most appropriate buyer and ensuring a fair price was received?  An investment bank.  Wouldn't it be worth the 5% of the sale proceeds in fees to the bank if they were able to earn an additional 10% over what your dad could sell it for alone by having knowledge of the industry and who the potential buyers would be?  Not much different than a realtor, consignment shop, etc.

I personally don't see that as any different than a retailer or distributor, but for some reason skeen and kunk seem to see it as different because the product they are retailing/distributing is money.

cheeky investment bank charging 5%. My mates just did 3% under 100mm and then 12% for every 10mm over and it went to 300. Again 15 person firm haha.

Investment banks are like agents in hollywood, you want to issue capital, merge, sell how the fuck are you going to do it yourself.

Don't know shit about commercial "banking".

One of the questions I got asked in my last in interview was what is your perception of the financial industry "absolutely love it, where would we be without it, but I got to LSE so I don't interact with the others" Also told her my last 2 girlfriends broke up with me because I love finance so much haha.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

That's because it is

lol no
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finance is fine but finance people are the worst when they get financey.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

finance is fine but finance people are the worst when they get financey.

Dont be mean, I love finance, i tutor finance for free, I write cv and covers letters for people to apply for finance. I fucking love finance, I wrote a loan mandate for my ex gf drunk for jokes and actually did it at LIBOR and when I was in an ambulance last week and the paramedic was being a cunt telling me i think i rule the world when im 21 and what the fuck is wrong with me and how pathetic I am and how hard he worked I asked if he'd even remember alt h o i is auto fit column at 4am and he'd probably have to use a mouse or if he even knew what EBITDA meant. WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS I LIKE TO COOK TOO, BUT I DON'T LIKE ASIAN GIRLS.
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You're more of a finance nerd than a finance bro though. Idk what they're like in england but in east coast NYC they blow.

I still <3 u fuji
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No Im a finance bro. After reading damn it feels good to be a banker I actually introduced myself to someone as hi im fuji I work on the buyside and I bought a bottle da club $33. Soon Im going to start doing trigger fingers at everyone and wearing a suit everywhere Much more reserved in the UK, whole class was geeky kids at the bulge bracket i went to and no coke and we all wear navy suits with black oxfords white shirts and no ties. To be honest i'd love to study finance at a high level, i don't believe it works particularly well, but just nice little problems to pretend to solve, which is what I like.

Your gf looks like my mum lol, go make some manlet versions of me.
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we will be sure to name our first child fuji and sculpt him in your image.
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The halves are always the best. Every girl ive slept with im their first asian and I got a wow at my cock, promise low, deliver big. Then them slightly more masculine facial features, I feel like the Zeus cut me out of jade.
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your tiny muscles probably make your cock look real big
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yolo still manages to get itself into a lot of holes.
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Now were actually starting a dick measuring contest
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dick blenders carbs and finance

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Boner jams
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Seriously though I think having to take growth hormone growing up made me well endowed.
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Shit week in the gym. Skipped upper day yesterday so I can go into my squats a bit fresher today after work.
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