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I think u have the right approach GN. Just keep it light and easy while keeping the weight under control until you are fully recovered.

I could have swore it was you that had sick Asian soup recipes. Care to share brah
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Damn @Eason how much do you friggin weigh?

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Damn @Eason
 how much do you friggin weigh?

Still a paltry 82kg :/
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

I started cutting Tuesday after I gained some weight post-surgery. MFP goal is -500 calories but i'm trying to overachieve undershoot that by 200.

Trying to reduce my IF window to 20/4 (eating from 6-10) and it's working out. The warrior diet protocol allows you to eat fruit, veggies, and yogurt during your "fasting" phase so I'm just eating apples, bananas, pears and greek yogurt when i'd normally be eating lunch/afternoon snack. It's a little difficult but I think I"m chugging along. The nice thing about it is that if i'm really in the mood for something I can eat it during dinner and not feel guilty (which helps, as I'm learning to bake)

My workouts just consist of pull-ups, push ups and a bit of arm workout. Any more and my shoulder hurts, feels bad man. Leg curls, ham curls, presses for my left leg and physical therapy for my right leg. Cardio consists of brisk ellipticaling just to get a sweat and get my heart pumping. It's all far from ideal but I'm just sick of not fitting into my clothes so if i get a bit of muscle atrophy i'm not going to sweat it too hard.

I'm in that gross depleted state of cutting already where my muscles are under-inflated but I've still got some fat on me. But then I think about how much fun it is to be ripped and it reminds me how worth it is.

I'm also gonna start playing with cheat days/carb resets.

Any thoughts from the RHET peanut gallery. Keep in mind I'm recovering from ACL surgery and have a SLAP tear in my left shoulder that makes weighted upper body workouts incredibly difficult.

I'd recomp. Wouldn't want to be on any kind of deficit while recovering from injuries, especially serious ones.
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Depends on what you want to make. Homemade stock made from bones and aromatics goes a long way towards making delicious shit, and you can even make them in the slow cooker, particularly if you roast the bones first. Hit up an asian market and get some dashi packets and miso paste. Soy Sauce, toasted sesame oil, thai chili paste, gochujang (korean chili paste), sriracha, mirin (rice wine) and rice vinegar are all awesome flavorings. Add coconut milk, curry paste and limes in Southeast asian dishes. Just play with them and you'll find that nothing will ever taste bad.

The other thing to get right is the noodles. Pre-made noodles are shit, especially for ramen. Try and find fresh noodles in your local asian market, but in general add your noodles right before serving to keep them from getting mushy.

Lastly, get your garnishing game right. Scallions, Kimchi. bamboo shoots (in a can), toasted sesame seeds that kinda stuff.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post


I'd recomp. Wouldn't want to be on any kind of deficit while recovering from injuries, especially serious ones.

I asked my therapist and he said it wasn't going to be a problem. I'm 2 months post surgery now so the acute phase is basically over.
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hard to count calories if you're adding a bunch of sauces and stuff, probably not a big difference. I need a slow cooker to start making meat dishes in book or else baking/pan frying every night is getting tedious

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Other prob is I have to find a decent Asian store around here. Are there any good online stores for all that stuff? Only thing Id need to find locally would be noodles.... but I think regular angel hair works fine

I like ramen noodles though... wifey has a recipe where she basically softens them a little bit and then fries them in a mix of soy sauce and some other stuff (we have fish sauce and other shit). I will def look into that.
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Amazon will have most of what you need.

Also ramen noodles are slightly different than regular angel hair because they're more alkaline and have a distinctively springy/chewy texture. Also the alkalinity helps them brown better if you're doing a stir fry and makes them wow.gif
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Do the ramen noodles need to be fresh? I have tried fresh pasta and under the chicken/pesto/cheese I couldn't taste a difference. The more I can order online the better.
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lol wtf is a clean squat
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Fresh ramen noodles are better mostly in soup. Fresh pasta usually is much better when you're using a lightly flavored sauce that doesn't overpower the taste of the pasta.

If you can't get something don't sweat it though. If you cook right even one not-ideal ingredient will not matter all that much ^_^
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Speaking of fresh pasta: gf and i made our own. Tried it out with black pepper lemon and parm. Gonna make some lobster cream sauce tonight

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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

lol wtf is a clean squat

I think it's crossfit term for a clean. As compared to a power clean. I've heard the term snatch squat as well so I'm assuming...
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no, I don't think that's it, otherwise I would've just laughed and not commented
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