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Yeah, but I work in healthcare... I can get away wearing cotton pants and chino's etc, but jeans would not be allowed.

If I sell/consign a bulk of the stuff I have that is starting not to fit me, I should end up with enough to pick up a bunch of basics. I think the next adventure of my wardrobe will be to be relatively minimalist. Even if that means wearing something similar every day.

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Dana lee stock chinos and W+H tokyo fit FTW?!
I still size up to a 36 on some of the stock chino and get them tapered but in terms of buying shit off the rack those 2 are my go-to's.
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Stretch chinos exist and are totally worth buying.
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Concept what do you think about shit like Outlier? They use to do some pretty large cuts with tapers, I'm a bit fan because jeans and even cotton twill is so restricting. Like if I wear pants sitting down all day my hips get into such a funky position, but If i wear Outlier pants or any tech pants I can keep my hips neutral.

Had an interview today at my dream job. Really, really hopeful. I have a skill assessment excessive to get done this week.
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OK who just signed up at my gym? Tapered crop sweats, nikes, red wing boots. Who was it? Fess up
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I went shopping the other day and realized that I will have big problems finding pants that fit. Size 35 in Uniqlo couldn't fit my hips and quads but were a bit big in the waist. Size 52 was to slim in designer like Dries. I guess those were slim fit though. Gonna have to go with regular cut and loose fit from here on. Jeans are pretty much a no go. Pants only. FML...

Get on the loose fit trousers train. I think OL trousers would work for you as well.

On another note, I weighted 197lb yesterday, have a feeling I look like a fatter/older version of Conceptionist..
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Fucking hate doing 1 leg stuff. Such a struggle. First time it clicked today and I didn't fall over even once during the sets.

Bulgarian Split squats today: 10 x 50/60/70/75 superset with DB Military press 5x50, 10x 60/70, then 5x 75 (PR I think)


Then some lateral raises, facepulls, quad extension, hamstring curl, and ab work.


Actually pretty happy with the Bulgarian split squats. Might have to start using two DB's to do it from now as the weights get higher. Shit hurts, but legs gonna grow grow grow grow.

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How do you do it with only 1 db? Hold it like a goblet squat? Or use the free hand to hold on to something for balance?

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Like a goblet squat. It's taken me 3-4 sessions to get balance right. I didn't tip over even once today!


I figure I'll have to switch to DB's soon. It's going to start getting heavy/annoying moving a single heavy DB like this.

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Oh OK, yeah you should feel that 2 db's is a lot easier. I've only ever used 2 DB's or a BB on occasion and never had any real issues with balance, holding it like a goblet just seems like a bitch to do.

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It is, but I think the added benefit is the balance bit. First time it felt really natural to me. 

Ie harder to balance and have to get better at it. I think this might help my knee issues as well.
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You may want to do both with different weights. The single DB is harder because it's hitting your gluteus medius a lot more, which is the muscle keeping you stabilized. You could accentuate this by putting the front foot on a bosu ball or something else that's wobbly and making sure the rear foot stays vertically aligned and doesn't splay to the side. You'll find your general balance improves a lot from that.

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By the time you start using bosu balls and other shit you may as well not be lifting weights.

If you want to train your balance, then train your balance. If you want to build your legs, then do something that builds your legs. When you start throwing two conflicting things together you're not doing yourself any favours.

I'm not saying RTC is doing this, clearly he's trying to find ways that hit his legs without back issues and goblet squats/rack position will involve a decent amount of balance. But putting bosu balls in the mix is just going to reduce the weight that can be used to the point where may as well not even be holding a fucking weight in the first place.

edit: I didn't mean this to come off as a rant directed at you KingJulien, fwiw. My point is that some things should stay separate and too many people try and put too many goals into their basket instead of focusing on one at a time.

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