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That recipe i posted is very easy to eat quite a lot of.
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Splurged for a 12-week training program from trainer at the gym.  Hoping he brings some fresh ideas to my training.  Looking to focus on strength and hypertrophy.

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Can't tell if srs.

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Can't tell if srs.

Completely.  I lift at a powerlifting gym and he has totaled elite in two weight classes.

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Well THAT sounds AWESOME!

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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post


agreed, Плов is awesome
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@Coldsnap stop eating eggs then.
Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Ughhh I hate this attitude from people. "Why are you complaining, I'd have no problem putting on weight!" Yes, but it's a lot harder gaining weight off unseasoned chicken breast than cookie dough ice cream and double mocha whipped cream iced lattes with extra sugar.

No. What's annoying is manlets that say that it's hard to gain weight by eating unseasoned chicken breast.

No. Fucking. Shit.

Stop eating chicken breast and eat more cookie dough. Or you know anything else in between that range of what's perceived to be "healthy" and "unhealthy" food.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Yea, I'm eating about 100g of protein powder a day as it is. I eat the same thing every day, so this is what my diet looks like, maybe some people can find extra ways for some good cals. So I always have these structured meals and throughout the day I'll snack a bit on peanuts, a slice of pizza, maybe an extra meal if it's free or out with friends, or candy from friends. When I start to cut I will cushion carbs more strongly around workouts.

Breakfast - 5-6 eggs, 1 cup oatmeal with berries, coffee

Intra workout - 45g protein, 130g carbs

Post workout - Either Macaronnie and Cheese with a can of tunafish, so 100g carbs 45g protein and 11g fat. Or homemade tacos which equals about the same macros.

Dinner - Steak / chicken and potatoes and a green. Usually have desert like ice cream

Before bed - 45g casein prot and a glass of milk

So what I'm seeing if that you're complaining about not being able to gain weight and your daily breakdown of food is pretty much:

Breakfast - barely a meal, let's call it a big snack

Intra workout - a drink

Post workout - a small smeal

Dinner - a meal

Before bed - a drink
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I've never eaten an unseasoned chicken breast. 

Am I doing the manlet thing all wrong?

Such feels...

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If you're trying to gain weight, why are you doing cardio? Srs q
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Originally Posted by I<3Bacon View Post

If you're trying to gain weight, why are you doing cardio? Srs q

I could understand it for the cardiovascular benefit.  Maybe a mile or two a couple times per week.  That certainly does not constitute two days of cardio though.  That lets me pound another 50g carbs for the day too.

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I'm not doing cardio. I'll eat more.
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Yeah, I was confused by that as well. 

Doing 10-15 mins of cardio pre workout on days when you're not lifting legs should be plenty if you're just trying to stay in decent cardiovascular shape, no?


I mean, run 2 miles 2-3x a week and call it a day? I'm hoping to start working that stuff in 1-2x a week.


Side note: When you guys are bulking, how many calories do you like to go over by? Do you like to keep close to a 400-500 calorie surplus? i.e. gaining about 1lb per week. Or more?

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Best way to bulk is to live next to Chipotle.

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While back someone said only exercise to develop calf was weighted jump rope? That working out?
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