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I like me Elite FTS ones.... not much rebound anymore but they definitely stabilize my knees
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Link me some heavy ass knee sleeves, I'll use those. Not like I'm going to do a meet anytime soon.

i use these, great bounce.
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Wow, they really do make triple ply knee sleeves.

What to you guess you get out of them? 25-40lbs? and dumb question but will using tripple ply knee sleeves make my VMO smaller.
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not nearly 40lb, I can't even get 40lb out of knee wraps. I think I sized them too loose, but maybe 20, which would be optimistic. Could probably get a lot more if i wore them really tight.
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Ah ok, I went with the double ply one. Think that's a good in between.
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Man, I rode 35 miles with a friend on saturday and I was so fucking spent afterwards. A few years ago, this would be a nice easy relaxing ride.

I want to get back into this shit so bad! Hoping to find a balance once time permits :/


Cool New England Fall picture.


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35 miles jesus
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That's a nice pic of fall. Looks nice here in the Midwest, too.
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Any of you bros ever buy an engagement ring?
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Yeah. why?

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Any tips? Been reading on the 4Cs and have an idea of what to go but wondering if there's any pro tips. Also been looking at lab made diamonds and they seem like a really good deal but wondering if it would be tacky.
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Diamonds are a scam: only considered de rigeur engagement stone after a successful advertising campaign

Sapphires etc used to be used in the past and look nice

Moissanite is more sparkly than diamond and 1/10th the price

Depends only on what the girl values though, so you may be fucked
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My wife doesn't like diamonds, well I should say she prefers Sapphires, so the main stone in her ring is a blue sapphire. I don't know how that helps, but about half of the married women I know don't have diamonds. A lot of girls seem to prefer other stones with a trim of diamonds.
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