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I am inexplicably listening to contemporary pop music tonight, and I have realized that the rapper Pitbull dresses in a way that is flattering to us thick-thighed folk. If only I could convince my wife that a rise this high ≠ grandpa pants.
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I just like BCAAs for intraworkout supplementation because they seem to stabilize my blood sugar pretty nicely through a workout. 20g BCAAs (which I think may even be too much) and a 200mg caffeine pill... I can go all nite bigstar[1].gif

Shit's so effective it's been fucking with my post workout meals.... I might not eat for like an hour after a workout if I don't remember. BCAAs are an awesome appetite suppressant, for me at least.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I can't speak directly on BCAA's since it's only part of the equation, but the main component of intra/peri nutrition (or at least what it is touted for the most) it's ability to improve recovery.

Mostly this is carbs like HBCD's and di/tri peptide proteins, but BCAA's I'm assuming would probably be used for the same purpose (although I don't see why you wouldn't just have whey - it's cheaper. fwiw I used to use Xtend a lot). But drinking them on their own isn't going to do shit and that seems to be the biggest misconception about it, it's the idea that it will increase recovery and reduce soreness and fatigue allowing you train more frequently with more volume, thus leading to gains simply because you have more growth periods (Assuming the wave model of progression) due to that increased frequency.

If i'm drinking carbs/protein my goal isn't to increase calories or up my macros it's to push nutrients to the muscles when the blood is pumping to facilitate recovery, which is why it's generally not neccessary for powerlifters and strength athletes - only bodybuilders and physique athletes. As much as that may sound like "bro science" there's plenty of real world applications that suggests it works.

Pretty much everything I've said comes from Milos Sarcev, Bill Willis and John Meadows, so take that how you want.

But yeah, saying it's arguably a waste of money seems to be missing the intended point of intra workout nutrition.



Oh yeah, I actually forgot about the recovery aspect. I remember reading that in John Meadows posts on the topic.


Still unsure how big of a difference it makes for the non-elite lifter. Also feel like it would make a bigger difference if the nutrition requirements for the day were not already met. Can't back those statements up scientifically though.

I kinda lost interest in supplements when I came to the PL club and saw that no one there bothered with supplements add still was the biggest, strongest and hardest training people I had seen IRL. Some of them take a whey shake but that's about it. Buying supplements also got a bit too expensive for me. 


Not gonna argue any further. Kinda pointless and I get why you're doing it.

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I haven't used my Inzer belt regularly in like 6 months. I'll take it to the gym with me every once in awhile out of habit but I barely use it.
Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

How do you determine if it works?
Do you grow more now than when you did not use it and were every other factor the same to make it a relevant comparison? Just curious.

129g cabs sounds very unnecessary unless you're carb loading for another session later during the same day.
Glycogen stores replinish enough within 8 hours with less carbs so no need to insta carb load unless you're doing twice-a-days.

That RP book I sent you goes into it and sites references. I've been doing it for so long but I remember when I first went over to intra workout shake I noticed my nervous system never got shot during a workout, like I could go and go and at the end it was muscle fatigue that would stop me. But never like nerves and I would never become shaky. It also helps in both cut and bulk for me. So when I'm bulking it's an easy 120g carbs and 40g of protein that doesn't make me feel full. During cutting its like a godsend because I'm eating while I'm working out even though I'm on a cal deficit.

Here's the how, the why is explained in the book. Protein during workout is usually 40g whey -

Intra-training Carb:Protein Ratios
Light Workouts 2:1*
Moderate Workouts 3:1*
Hard Workouts 4:1*
* ratio of carbs to protein in the intra-training meal
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That's interesting.

You guys have made me consider trying te intra shake again when I get back to training all three lifts. Still have a couple of pounds of the stuff so I might as well use it up.
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Just looking at that new John Meadows product, per serving


64g HBCD's

22g EAA's

4g cit malate

4g additional leucine


It's actually not as expensive as I thought given the coupon codes and the fact it's 3lbs (I thought it was 2lb like everything else).

Good thing is no propriety blend and no fillers. The carbs are just straight up HBCD's. Apparently EAA's are replacing the hydrolyzed caseinate as it's much cheaper but just as effective, according to JM, which makes sense. The key to it has always been the HBCD's anyway.

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During training I intake 40% of my allotted carbs for the day. So go ham with it.
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How does this HBCD shit taste? Would it mix well with fruit punch BCAAs?
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I've never had it plain so I'm not really sure, but I don't think it would be terrible, it's the proteins that would taste like shit. Worst case scenario just buy some crystal light/mio and add it if the flavor is bad. 

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I like the taste of my BCAAs now, they are flavored. It would probably be fine.
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GN that sucks bro. Weren't you talking about switching jobs recently anyways, though?
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Has anyone ventured into the Smoothie King space? I travel a lot, so sometimes my food options are limited to a Quest Bar, Horrible salad covered in cheap cheese, or Smoothie King. I haven't tried SK before, but do notice they have a "Gladiator" option which is 180 calories for 20 ounces and like 46 grams of protein, but then you add a couple "fruit juices" which probably kills the carbs and ups the calories to about 390. Any experience? I'm shying away, but a little bored sitting in an airport right now across from a SK stand.
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Almost 50 grams of protein in a 400 calorie serving is gold when you're eating out. Prob pretty low fat too unless they add ice cream or cream. Don't worry too much about the carbs if you lift. You're an active person so fast carbs are not really bad for you
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FWIW SBD knee sleeves are very worth the money. Kept my knees nice and toasty and I felt like there was a slight rebound to them. Might've just been placebo but I did 230 for 6 triples very easily today while two weeks ago it was a tough grind for 4 triples.
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Originally Posted by Donut View Post

FWIW SBD knee sleeves are very worth the money. Kept my knees nice and toasty and I felt like there was a slight rebound to them. Might've just been placebo but I did 230 for 6 triples very easily today while two weeks ago it was a tough grind for 4 triples.


The SBDs def give a rebound at the bottom.

I've heard some people to say they add about 10-20 pounds, which I think sounds about right.


I personally start using them out a couple weeks out from the meet. I train in another pair of knee sleeves made from cotton that doesn't add any pounds, but you could just as well train in the SBDs the whole time.

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