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Because I've had back surgery twice and I'm hoping not to get fused at the age of 25.


I tried front squats last week and it didn't like them at all even though I'd been fine when I tried them 2 weeks ago. I'm done 'trying' the more 'risky' stuff. 

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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Haven't been to Santuka yet, but hit up a bunch of the city spots and while it isn't anywhere close to the "better" places (that make real Tonkotsu broth), if you get some fresh noodles.

The noodles I used are actually from Mitsuwa (my gf lives right there). Are you in NJ?

Bro, we had ramen in Hokaido and Osaka and it doesn't get any better than Santouka that's stationed in our local Mitsuwa. I'm from California. We've been dreaming of making bomb ass home made miso romen for years!!! I'ma have to try out your recipe! 

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That looks good as hell

Been looking for a good pho recipe as well. No way around it but slow cooking... found packets at the grocery store and it just doesn't come close. Theres actually a sick pho place randomly here down the block.
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Saw old gym buddy in the streets, dude told me I looked tiny and that I lost all my mass.

He's right though. Fuckin a.

I really hope everything people say about muscle memory being a motherfucker is true.
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Just got this email from my uni

Disability and Wellbeing Service (DWS)
Welcome meeting for all disabled students
Tuesday 30th September 2014.
Dear Student
I am very pleased to offer you a warm invitation to our Welcome and Orientation Day. This will be in Room OLD 3.21, 3rd floor of the Old Building from 10.30 - 3.00, and offers an invaluable opportunity to meet other students, as well as DWS staff, and get a sense of how the School works.

Dat feel when my uni thinks im actually disabled. It has a free buffet though so might go. If I apply for buyside or sales and trading this year is it worth going through the special channels they have for disabled people or do you think I'll just end up going to the interview and being told to fuck off when they realise I don't actually have a real disability?
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beef taco day (handmade corn tortilla, beef, salsa, cilantro, onion, guacamole, lime juice and baked beans, with radish slices on the side, had 6 total)
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Thread Starter

scooby doo a day old roast beef sandwich:D
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My flat mate just told me she has an eating disorder. Confused why I'm more shredded? Her delts aren't even striated.
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she doesn't even lift foo.gif
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she does actually. Goes twice a day spends like 4 hours in the gym everyday haha.
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PR'ed yesterday in seated DB military press.


Warmed up with 5x30, 5x40, then got to work.


3x10x50lb. Then tried 1x10 at 55. Then on the last set gave the 60's a go and still got 10. The last one was a grinder, but I had decent form. Damn. I guess I should move up in the weight a bit. 

I started doing these instead of arnold presses recently. Might just do both on different days. 

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Made meat slop last night. Fucking amazing, no idea why I haven't done this earlier.

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WTF is meat slop?

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+1 on the meat slop mystery

also, is fuji's bulimic flat mate penis-worthy
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This version of meat slop:

1 large red cabbage, shredded
2 28oz cans tomato sauce
3.38lbs ground beef (93/7)
2 white onions

Throw that shit in a pot and cook it til it's cooked. Add water for desired consistency.

Add whatever kind of spices you like to make it taste however you want. Makes a shit ton of food.
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