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Hmmm thyroid panel got back today and was a bit out of range.

Time to get shredded on synthroid.
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

+1 on shoulder work and general shoulder/arm flexibility suggestions/routines

I want to switch to a front squat to save my back and build my quads but I cant clean grip for shit. I can't bend my elbow past like 110 degrees

I've said it before but my left shoulder is messed up in the overhead ranges from an proximal humerus fracture (broken arm just below the shoulder joint). Strength and stability was all gone.

I also have a problem with my non-injured right shoulder. It is more forward rorated than the left and I can't externally rotate it as much,

My exact rehab routine for the injury that I got from the physio is not relevant to you, but maybe what I do/used to do to maintain the mobility is:

- foam roll/lacrosse ball the lats, tricep, front, medial an rear delts
- Overhead wall slides
- scapula pushups
- arm swings
- shoulder dislocations, lots of them, narrower grip over time
- face pulls the correct way, not like a high pull but as an external rotation pull meets double bicep pose
- band pull aparts for tons of volume
- face down on bench rear delt shoulder raise
- make sure to shrug at the top at all overhead work, like lat pulldowns, ohp, etc
- use light enough weights for only perfect reps when lifting overhead
- everything Kelly Starret @MobilityWOD and Justin Lascek @70's big had posted on the topic. Literally tons of good videos.

For clean grip in the front squat I like to massage the shit out of the triceps by rolling them over the barbell. Loosening up the lats will most likely also help.
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Took my PRI class tonight, was definitely interesting. It makes sense that a lot of elite powerlifters / strongman are getting good results from it. Lacross balls and stuff do great to alleviate problems but if your pelvis and shoulders suck then they are just going to get fucked up again down the road.
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

I played with a pair of 501s for a while. The top block is so.... Midwestern. They need to make a raw 511.

The Rigid Dragon wash is pretty close to raw. Washed once, etc. They don't fit me anymore but here's some pics of my pair after about a year:



pic (Click to show)
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currently posting in a hammock outside of my house, since my steak flooded my apartment with smoke. derp
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Ugh this almost makes me want to try and purchase denim again.

Been wearing the same pair of 514's(34x30) for a year now. They're beat to hell. Maybe it's time to move on.
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Denim is out there and it's cheaper than ever since you can buy directly from japan with free shipping. I pay no more than $130 a pair and I have a few nice pairs.
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For lulz decided to try on the size 30 New Standards I was wearing 3 years ago. Didn't make it past the knee lol.
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post


I bet you have absolutely no idea how either of the images in that picture work.

I bet you can't do 1RM because you have a broken back. Quit being so condescending and get off of my back. 

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Another bench PR to top off the hyrbid phase of this training cycle
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might be time to give powerlifting a try for shits and giggles.

i benched 535 last night after hitting 505 for 3 good clean reps.

squat is back up to about 500 and i pulled 625 twice this week.
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Originally Posted by barrelntrigger View Post

I bet you can't do 1RM because you have a broken back. Quit being so condescending and get off of my back. 


I actually don't.

Anyway, I'm just giving you a hard time because I thought it was hilarious that frenchie called you out on his blog after you were trying to be anonymous. I'll knock it off lol.

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God I need to learn how to bench press.

Feels so poverty man.
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Charly is a bit of a freak though. It's fun watching him progressing over the years getting really strong.

Charly, quick technique question for you. After watching some of the strong natty pressers in the 200s(Bryce Lewis, Ben rice, etc.), you all seem to drop the bar on your upper abs...a good inch or two from your lower pec which is usually recommended. Did you always bench like that? I can't remember.
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