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Originally Posted by I<3Bacon View Post

At the end of a squat workout, high rep walking lunges are the fucking worst. I feel like a fat guy who had to climb 5 flights of stairs.
This. I do walking lunges with 35's in each hand. They suck.
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I agree. I'll do that or really high step ups and it's pretty damn draining after all them leg work. Good though, that unilateral stuff will keep you uninjured.
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Did an exercise for tris/bis today and then swam for a little bit.

I suck at swimming.

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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Riding my bike home from work 2 am Tuesday morning, someone hit and ran me in their car

Man, what a piece of shit. Sorry. Speedy recovery, and I hope the bastard who hit you gets what is coming to him.
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5 x 10 squats, even at 50% 1RM, are no joke *heavy breathing*
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

110lb DB's?

No bar
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Biked the 3 miles to work against heavy wind yesterday, it's awful. Absolutely awful.

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If I could learn how I'm supposed to breathe while swimming, I might actually *gasp* enjoy it...
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Give me 20 mins i teach u
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You're just going to try to drown me.

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OK – quick and dirty progression for front crawl.

Depends on how good you are, but even if you can sorta-kinda do it with whack breathing, start from the beginning. The key to all of this is staying relaxed all the time, no tension, learning how to sink (yes), smooth breathing – try not to suck wind when breathing, do it slow and steady and learn how to stay relaxed instead of forcing it. You’ll look like a dumbshit 6 year old doing this stuff when learning, but it’s akin to re-learning any lifting movement; you don’t load up max when you’re fixing your squat technique, so same thing here.

Start off with 20 bobs – relaxed, full extended exhale blowing bubbles under water, smooth inhale

Starfish floats - 5-10sec ea. Full lungs, focus on relaxing and letting yourself sink. Most adults will have their heads/shoulders up while the rest of their body sinks; that’s OK, as long as you are relaxed
Front – chin tucked in
Back - chin up, hips up
Rollover floats - front to back, back to front - chin immediately down when going f->b, chin immediately up when going b->f; get used to the initial minor bit of sinking and calmly adjust your head position to make you float; don't force yourself to stay at the surface through tension/propulsion

Glides – aim for 10m on your front, 25m on your back (can’t breath on your front)
Front - arms extended overhead, chin tucked in, only kicking, smooth exhale all the way through
Back - arms at your side, chin up, hips up, only kicking
Rollover glides - front glide for a few seconds, rollover to back glide, catch breath for a few seconds, rollover to your front again, repeat. The point here is to get used to rotating your hips/shoulders/head as a whole and comfortable with sinkage - you don't want to force yourself to stay at the surface through kicking/tension/propulsion; let yourself sink as you roll and then adjust your chin/head position as necessary for buoyancy. Do the arm motion as well; arms should be superman'd on your front, brought down to the sides for a back glide, back up when you're on your front

Stick with this stuff for awhile, get used to "bottoming out" and then floating to the surface instead of forcing yourself to stay at the surface constantly - relaxation is key. Now the fun part…

Side glides – these are a real bastard and will test your comfort/relaxation level. One arm up, one arm down; the arm that is up goes in the water, arm that is down stays down at your hips with that shoulder out of the water. Do not move your arms.

Practice side glides w/ flutterboard or a noodle placed under your shoulder - relax as much as possible. don't push down on the flutterboard with your hands to prop your face out; your face/shoulders/hips should all be facing sideways, make sure your head isn't out of line with your spine. Do NOT lift your head. Crucial. If your side position puts your mouth in the water (it should), that's okay, just rotate your head (DON’T LIFT) towards the ceiling and roll your shoulders/hips backwards slightly to get your mouth out. Crown of your head should be submerged. Ensure your position is good, head in line with your spine, face/shoulders rolled back to get the mouth out, and work up to comfortably do 10metres or so.

Practice both sides, then once you can do that for about 10m, master them without a flutterboard. Tricky because you’ll need substantially stronger kicking to maintain a solid side glide position, but you’ll have to stay relaxed with optimal position to do so. Work up to 10m on your side.

Front glide->slide glide with a flutterboard. Front glide, both hands on the flutterboard, full exhale -> ROLL to your side to that side glide position, drawing your arm down to your hips. Catch a solid breath, ROLL down, immediately putting your face in and reaching up again. DO NOT breathe while rolling or look up while rolling – breathe on your side, and on your side only. Your head should only be moving along its horizontal axis through this. Practice the shit out of these for multiple lengths, focusing on doing it right before adding distance. Oh yeah, do it on both sides.

Then, do it without a flutterboard. Focus on rolling, not lifting, relaxing, etc. Super fun. Front glide-> side glides without a flutterboard are harder than actual front crawl, so if you can hack 25m of bilateral front glide/side glides, you win. Once you kick ass at these, get into a three stroke/one breath rhythm.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’m sure I left a ton of shit out as I’m used to demonstrating/teaching in person.
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

You're just going to try to drown me.



I started using Platform Helper to track my bar path on DLs. Who else uses the app?

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Holy shit. I thought I knew how to swim. I clearly do not.
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gah, gym on psmf sucks. Even low volume.
Time for ramencheatz :')
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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

gah, gym on psmf sucks. Even low volume.
Time for ramencheatz :')

It feels like lifting after you pulled an all nighter.
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