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What kind/brand are you using? I've never had oily D but one time all I could find was a non-organic refined version and it gave me the bubble guts. Unrefined has never given me issue and I've used about 10 diff brands, I wouldn't think organic/non organic would make much diff but maybe the refined versions are just tooooo smooooooth.

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some organic virgin shit from whole foods
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My back is still sore from the lifting sesh on friday. Feels great.


I don't think I'll have as much time to lift as usual this coming week. Going to hit it hard and make it count. Might skip arm/abs day and fit those in over three other training days. Trying to get shit together so I can hit everything 1-2x a week. Right now that puts me at 5 training days a week. I think 4 would be more manageable.

Good idea to to just work in arms/abs over 4 days and just break things up that way?


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plz post time management tips. I'm wildly inefficient with my time.

Same here. I feel like all I do is work and don't want to. It's like all this shit I have to do at work and I know I have to do it, but convincing myself to get that shit done is the hardest mang.

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some organic virgin shit from whole foods
That's weird. How much do you eat and how? I cook my eggs in a tablespoon and add maybe another tbsp in a shake or coffee maybe 1-2 times a day. Maybe I just don't eat enough to have issues, thankfully.
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scored some brand new powerblocks for 150 bucks, woop
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Nah just get drunk and hold your nose @MarkI

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Alan Aragon's reply to Quest Nutrition's "Calorie Myth" on their fb page is the best shit storm I've seen all day

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It has dawned upon me recently to make the distinction between training and maxing, that is, to train with sub maximal weights and repetitions (not to technical or mechanical failure) and to save the max attempts for competitions or planned maxes.

Brandon Lilly has talked a lot about this (don't miss lifts in the gym), Wendler's whole 5/3/1 is based off it with his 90% of max rule as training max and I just heard a world record holder in powerlifting, with the junior bench press record as a sub junior, say that he has never ever missed one lift in training. And his total is far ahead of the second placer.
CYC (Carl Yngvar Christensen) and the other Norwegian powerlifters have also had a lot of success with their programming by never training to failure.

Looking at my own program, I train with lighter percentages now that I'm coached than when I trained myself, and my progression is faster with larger PRs. My technique and recovery is also faster.

Another interesting aspect, is that programs like Stronglifts 5x5 say that roughly 80% of 1RM is appropriate for a 5x5 rep/set scheme, while Boris Sheiko's routines (who's effectiveness really can't be argued against) only use something like 2-3 sets of 3 reps at 85%, thus much lighter. Imo, Sheiko is the more thougt out program. Sheiko uses pyramid sets though, with more volume in the warmups than say SL 5x5, which could explain the lower volume in the top set, but its still interesting imo.

I just thought it could be something to consider if you monitor your own programming.
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Yea I have made a similar switch. I was hitting sets of 5 at 90% and burning the fuck out. Just dropping down to sets of 4 at 85% has made a huge difference. I can handle way more volume and I don't feel fatigued or anything at all. I applied that strategy to my bench but I think I am gonna apply it to my big 3. Haven't done heavy DLs in months so I'm hoping that strategy will help keep me from burning out. That was the biggie.
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For deadlifts, I train it just as frequently as the other lifts and the total volume seems to be about the same, but the reps per set with conventional deadlift are lower. So more sets of less reps with competition (normal) deadlifts than competition bench and squats. Most of my deadlift volume is done with other variations like pause deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts and deficit deadlifts.
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I don't do the main lifts, but as you guys started talking about this, I actually decided to move my lifts into a much higher rep scheme adding another set and dropping a bunch of weight on the lifts.

It's still a tough workout, but I feel like I'm getting more out of it. I also decided to stop kidding myself since doing much lower rep schemes with a lot more weight just isn't feasible for me. Even if it were feasible, it's still a dumb idea.
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As an aside, I fixed my bike last night. Might start riding to work a little bit. Nothing like replacing your commute with cardio and still keeping your schedule entirely the same.
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sub-maximal lifting actually works accross the board in training types (except maybe crossfit).

Personally I only ever take the last set of an exercise to failure, usually beyond failure, but the rest are sub-maximal to get a higher density of work done with heavier weights. eg/ 4 sets of 5, the fifth set is "as many" with a double rest-pause or drop set or some other intensity technique. My strength definitely increases faster and more consistently than when I use to take everything to failure. It also acts as a priming technique to, I always feel better/stronger/smoother on the later work sets no matter how much I warm up, so by the time I get to the "as many" set it always feels great.

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Bodybuilding Level: Asian -- two waifish dudes in stringer tanks, skinny jeans, and Crocs doing 50 rep shoulder shrugs with 15lb dumbbells.
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I'm thinking about doing a mini-cut the rest of the summer. Probably drop a half pound per week until the end of Sept. and then start slow bulking.

What are some good macros to shoot for? I'm planning on cycling carbs and maybe doing LG 16/8.
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