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I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I've seen a bunch of progress. Like I feel like my lifts are higher, weights going up, form is better, feel like I look thicker, etc.

Feels great mang.

Then...gym got new benches. Can't adjust the height. Blahhhhh.
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My form feels surprisingly solid after months off. Maybe it's just because the weights are lighter, but I've been better at keeping knees out and chest up during the squat. I think I've also gotten rid of butt wink (from going too deep and/or collapsing chest), but I need to video myself to be sure.
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Also, DAE have light sensitivity issues after lifting?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

NY decent to visit from July to Aug? Or should I wait for it to cool down a bit? I'm usually up there in NOV
I arrived in NYC today and will be here several days. Great weather and good times this time of year. I've been coming this time of year for the past several years, only once can I remember it being miserably hot.
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Bah NYC trip put on hold. Sorta thinking of buying a house. Tired of throwing out $15k plus a year in rent, when I have the savings for a down payment. Living with my friend in his new house makes me want my own..
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don't know if any of you saw this video, but yeah I applied for this and got accepted. Even though I don't compete i met the other criteria so wooo free training.
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Would like to hit 315x5 squat, 365x5 deadlift, 185x5 bench before cutting. Not sure if it's doable. 207 was my previous "oh shit, I've gone too far" weight. Don't think I can stomach going past 210 with mid-20s body fat. Just makes the cut all the more difficult.

How dumb is it for me to gain weight at this point at 20+% bodyfat?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Bah NYC trip put on hold. Sorta thinking of buying a house. Tired of throwing out $15k plus a year in rent, when I have the savings for a down payment. Living with my friend in his new house makes me want my own..

Girlfriend of nearly three years is getting a bit house crazy, which would be fine, except she's recently decided she would like to get one closer to where she's from and where all of her family is. Beautiful area, but houses are $$$, easily twice what you could get around where we are now. I've never gotten the sense she's all that close with her family, so this sudden desire to be closer to them seems odd. I don't care much for them, either. Nice enough people, but not exactly enthralling company.

Anyway, she doesn't seem to care all that much that to do so, I would have to be the one far away from my friends and family, since most of them are here. I kinda feel like I've already made big compromises - she has two young children and she isn't sure she wants more, so there's a chance I'd help raise them, but never have any of my own - so I've already told her this move would be a deal-breaker for me.

On top of all that, she really doesn't have much in savings. She's optimistic about doing this in two years, but given her current salary and fondness for buying shit, I just don't see how she will have close to even a down payment by then. I'm of the mind that a house is ideal for a family, but you kind of need to earn it (i.e. save for years or have a baller income) or risk being under constant financial stress. I've got a friend with two kids who's living in a huge house he can't afford because his wife wanted it. He has a decent job, but because she's just some manager at a fast food joint, kids are expensive, etc., he's like an inch away from bankruptcy. No thanks. I'd like to own a house some day, but I don't feel like I've earned the right to do so. But I think she's determined to do this regardless, so I forecast a life of living on the brink of financial ruin, all while being far away from many of the people I'm closest with.

Needless to say, I'm thinking about my own living options once our lease is up this October. foo.gif
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Yea, that sounds like a deal breaker.

I'm looking for something cheap, a starter home I guess. The crime rate in my town is some sort of record breaking low and law enforcement are the highest paid in North Carolina here. Something like a 130k house is actually in a quaint and nice neighborhood. Plus I'd charge my girlfriend rent which would go into my mortgage.
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U guys are lucky u dont have to think about school districts. That shit is a killer. We could buy a slamming ass house today but we have to spend double for a place in a good district. Still 300-350K for a nice house in a safe neighborhood with good schools is damn good. Just trying to get that 30% together by next spring

Then I can home gym and be the king of my domain
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fucking lol at people in RHET saying people who look far far far better than basically anyone in this thread (jackman in latest x-men/jason statham) look shit
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also I had literally the worst workout/day ever with fuji. Did like half of one work set of squats before my fav shorts ripped (didn't bring gym clothes). They ripped like all the way down the back, so it was a flat piece of cloth. Ended up borrowing fuji's pants while he worked out in compression shorts and fucking rank around LSE for over an hour trying to find somewhere that sold shorts
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Our first day together was better ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dem pastries
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I'm lucky that my wife isn't itching to buy a house. She was basically slave labor for her parents' home renovations, so she knows the work it takes.

I have a friend who bought a house recently. His wife got a little too ambitious with the renovations. The contracted stuff looks great, but the DIY stuff is obviously DIY. Too much HGTV and Pinterest, probably.
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