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This page alone has like 10 different forms of marketing on it. Pretty much the existence of this forum is a form marketing.

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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Random Teach Barrel How to Overthink A Deadlift Thoughts

I've just read your signature. Classic! 

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About to punch my ticket to DOMS City.... going back to the gym after months off from lifting.
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Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

About to punch my ticket to DOMS City.... going back to the gym after months off from lifting.
Angus, peppered
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Congrats, if I stay in Marketing then a masters would eventually be in my plan. At this point in Marketing it is pretty satisfying, when I first started I would sorta get upset because I would do all the work then someone else would put their name on it. Now that I'm much higher in the ranks I get to lead everything and it's great to step back and look at the things I made.

It's just a lot of desk work and sitting inside. Which I guess isn't too bad if you make your free time mostly about being outside and active.

Might not want to paste long sections of text unless you intended to give away your full name and employer.

Speaking of jobs, I'd love to switch it up frown.gif My job is just incredibly boring and not challenging, and I don't get tasked with enough work. No chance I spend more than 30 hours in the office a week. I get compensated well and plenty of room for advancement, so it's really hard to move away from it, but I don't really want to make a life of this either.
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Rippetoe wrote an article today about how doms leads to bronchitis and does not mean you're getting stronger. Hrs the best troll
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can i ask why so many of you power lift? charley is one of only powerlifters I have seen with an enviable build. it's not functional so being strong won't make you a better or more able fighter and it's not a good path to a great physique. i am seriously curious.
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Bench is def increasing, just set a cgb pr that's close to my flat bench. I feel like the bigger chest and arms have shortened my stroke.

VLSI I dint mind, I don't try to stay anonymous online. It keeps me better mannered thay way.

Kunk its just a dead simple way to track progress, the 1rm. I've passed so many people in the first year at my globo gym because powerlifting taught me how to be dedicated and structured. I do agree with you though.
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We're all trying to get a little Charly inside of us
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Was tired of going to the gym and just plugging in my sessions around a bunch of random people. I also couldn't identify myself with bodybuilding culture or the majority of people at the gym. Never had a desire to be huge or have big guns.


Joining a powerlifting club made training a social thing. I meet friends and we train together. Most people have the same goals and dedication. Its professionalized and more like a sport in comparison to training at a random gym, and I appreciate that. I don't think I would be as involved in powerlifting if it weren't for the local club.


Lastly, I think its easier to get relatively good at powerlifting in comparison to bodybuilding. And simply staying fit with whatever workouts has never interested me as I like to be good as a specific narrow hobby / sport / whatever.

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I enjoy low rep lifting more than high rep lifting. I want to be aesthetic, but I like lifting heavy shit too. It's not too hard to do both.
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PL is just fun. Once I get tired or bored I'll def move on to something else.
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Ultimatedly it could've been something entirely else related to training that I would've got into. 

I think I just needed some form of structure and sports-like environment with a clear focus on goals and competition.

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Walking down stairs tomorrow is going to be fuuuunnnn.

Lost 130 off my squat, 50 off bench, and 120 off deadlift. Felt like a bitch wearing squat shoes at those weights when there's a guy in the next rack repping 405.

Hope I can get back to my previous 5RM in 6-8 weeks, then switch up programming so I can cut.

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