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Yeah but you can appeal to a sedentary persons vanity smile.gif
Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post

Ah yes it is about time for this thread to go to shit.

We just need to troll jet and it will unite us all again.

@Cool The Kid how much did you weigh when you were rowing that much? I thought I was a bamf rowing 120x5 at 160-165 bw.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

You're not gonna be able to change someone who isn't interested in changing, most people are just dumb with food :/ it's only slightly less futile than getting a sedentary person into lifting

Crossfit chicks ftw decisions.gif

Yea, for sure. I've learned my lesson about trying to change girlfriends behaviors. She's tried to change her eating habits, usually makes a good 1-2 week attempt then something crazy at work happens and she's doing 55-60 hour weeks and her free time is mostly spent un-winding. Which I can't really relate to, but understand how cooking for yourself might be hard at that point.

dem crossfit gals are specimens and they know it.
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Crossfit girls is the main reason why I work out at a crossfit gym, the other is the intro class, hysterical.
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I have a couple friends that eat out _every_ meal, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.  This is in Boston so $15-$20 lunches and $30-$40 dinners, it's gotta add up to $20k a year or more.

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That's insane. I eat out once on lifting days and usually once Sat and Sun, which is pricey but I eat 6 meals a day. So Cooking that much food is sorta a pain in the ass.
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It's totally a pain in the ass which is why I always have so much trouble bulking.  I usually give myself $60/month for eating out which is about 1.5-2 meals and $20 for lunches which is like two lunches if I forget to pack one; I usually go a little over budget.

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I don't know how people can have a hard time bulking. There's no prep time for ice cream.

I might push my macros to 60, 30, 10 because I really don't think I need over 300g of protein a day. 60 is the carbs number. Will eat more potatoes.
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Jarude I uploaded this to my onedrive, you should try it for your elbow. I'm not sure how long it will stay up for

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I mostly eat out but I spend no where near that much. My dinners are usually free because I sneak into the free resident meal every night lol.

Realistically, I work probably 60+ hrs most weeks and it's cheaper to eat out than to cook given that I get overtime and one hour of that will pay for 3 lunches...
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So excite to get all my meals comped. Gonna bulk hard as fuck in investment banking and try lift 4-5 days a week. Guessing 2 hour sessions are no longer realistic? Got final fantasy 2 for my iPhone, this is amazing.
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don't fresh summer meat at IB work like 70 hr weeks or some shit? you'll have plenty of time for training if you don't sleep otherwise I'm curious as to your time management skills.
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Probably a bit higher then that closer to 80. Yeah it shouldn't be a problem, I don't sleep much but I should definitely be able to get 4 sessions in a week. It's just the unpredictability of the hours will make it hard to have a real schedule.
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Goodluck fuji. My friend graduated from Harvard and had a really good physique, knew him all through highschool when he wrestled then he did bodybuilding for a bit then he did olympic lifting with me. Had a monster snatch and clean and jerk while also looking beefy as hell. Did his internship and is now promoted to a good position at some firm. Anyways, that extra bulk is now slowly turning to extra fat and he posts pictures of him reading banking books while in the gym and seems to be working all the damn time. That amount of stress, sitting at a computer, lack of sleep is not a healthy lifestyle and seems like a setup to be extremely injury prone. When you get older you really cannot outrun shitty recovery and the ability to get back into homeostasis. Oh and it seems like he's not dating this smoking hot girl he had when entering the banking world. He probably is making a shit ton of money and has a nice car, but he came from a wealthy family and seemed to be set up to not do anything less. He's a great guy and I'm not hating on him, he probably will always still out bench me and have bigger arms than me. Not saying you can't do it, just a cautionary tale.
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It's what you make of it. If you want more in any world you have to sacrifice for it.

How much is up to you. If you want the early promotions all the way, you have to work for it. It's not the lifestyle for me, though eBay I'm interested in doesn't seem to be much better...
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Yea, for sure. Job security and money is way more important than gym shit anyways.
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