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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

This also depends on your goals and where you are in training. If you're still relatively new, you can do a lot without gaining weight or even while losing it.
Once you plateau, it gets harder, but changing approach to training can still lead to improvements without the need to eat that much more than maintenance.


A beginner or someone on juice can certainly get stronger while cutting. Assuming it to be an intermediate lifter, it is highly unlikely he can get stronger while on a deficit if the same training regimen is used. However, introduce different variables/adaptogens (i.e. new routine), it is plausible to drop body fat while gaining strength.
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Hah I agree with you guys but I didn't mean that as a definitive statement. My point was that it's a bad idea to do a strength training program without planning to gain some weight, you won't get too far.
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Yeah definitely, unless your like obese and weak as fuck your not going to make significant gains cutting.
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Fuuuuarrrk, went to pick up a dumbbell, felt a pop in my right ring finger. It's more discolored irl. Hurts when i grip things and feels swollem.


Googling says it's an A2 pulley injury and climbers get it a lot

So sick of injuries. Fml
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Yea well my foot hurts
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You can def get stronger without putting on weight or even muscle mass. Efficient technique and being able to recruit more muscles in a lift can get you a lot if weight on the bar. I mean, just look at the lower weightclasses in WL and PL.

Still, a beginner should try to gain muscle mass as their strength is often most limited by that. Just lift mostly around the 3-8 rep range (some deviations up and down depending on exercise) with decently high volume and frequency and you should grow while the weights are light enough to not get bad technique and the volume and frequency allows for frequent practice of the lifts.

And about your back and legs routine, RTC:
I thought you were doing way more than 8-12 sets for each. If thats the case you should easily be able to just double that volume over the week by just doing each twice. 24 sets a week for a muscle group is not high. I just looked at my program and I do about 40 sets a week for just legs over 5 sessions through squats and deadlift variations, hamcurls, leg extensions and lunges. Thats what I would consider high and I'm only gonna do it for 4 weeks for some overreaching effect, but I guess around 25-35 sets a muscle group per week should be sustainable if you're not used to it.
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I usually do 2-3 exercises and 3-5 sets of 10-16 reps in each.


Guess this explains why I'm weak :p

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I dig the old school pyramids. Warm up with 15 reps, increase weight, cut down reps to 10, 8, 6, 4 then decrease weight while increase reps until failure. Rinse and repeat. Back in high school and college, I would stick to that regiment and it usually takes about 10 to 12 sets before failure before moving on to a different muscle group then repeat the work out plan. I would repeat the routine every 2 days for 6 days a week. That explained why I was spending 2 hours a day at the gym. The down side to that I got burnt out pretty quickly. Now, I just do 2 muscle groups a day, keep it under an hour and go for 6 days a week. Now, adding dead lift to the routine, I'm pretty stoked to see results quickly. 

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Back up to 195lbs. Think I'm gonna maintain here for a bit. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Starting work in 12 days. Loads of networking drinks when I start, I don't drink, haven't had any alcohol since the start of february. Should I just drink a tiny bit so I don't seem like some weird fitness guy? Make a gin and tonic last a couple hours haha. Wearing $60 suits and $9 shirts lol. Disregard material acquire fit.

I don't think it's bad to not drink but just say "I don't drink." and leave it at that, don't go on a 5 minute rant about ruining da gains or something. Or drink anyways, assuming you've got the self control not to keep drinking.

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Doing different shit with front squats lately. I always hit them last on leg day since I'm not good enough at them to actually tire my legs out (wrist/back whatever tires before my legs do).

Today, worked up to a "heavy" 5, then did a set of 5 every minute on the minute for 10 mins. Then added 20% and did a cluster set of 20 singles. Then dropped back to 135 and did a set of 15 with a pause at the bottom, then immediately put the 135 on my back and repped out on back squats. My right vmo is just one giant fucking cramp. Also I puked after which has happened in about a year :thumbs-up:

Another benefit of a garage gym; you can just hose that shit off the floor. And I can do hip thrusts without getting 100 questions about it.

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What do the hip thrustssss doooooo???

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

What do the hip thrustssss doooooo???

Gonna have wifey do em with bands
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Ahhhh fuck it! I'm gonna do deads and squats in the same day just to see where I'll be in a month or two!

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I still don't know the answer for the hip thrusts :/



^^Why would you do that? Too much to split it up into two different days?^^

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