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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post


I echo twice weekly frequency on every muscle group, just like RTC wrote.


The above routine looks good. 

I would just add something more for the legs, because I don't think only 2 lifts a week (squats + deads) is enough. Just add something like lunges, lighter squats/front squats or leg press to the deadlift day and its solid.


Here's where supersets come in super handy, especially to do more in less time.

If you alternate chest/back sets and do lunges and bi's/tri's at the end, you cut a chunk of time out of your workout while still doing your entire body twice a week. It might require slightly over an hour in the gym, but there's no reason you can't do 6-8 exercises in an hour if you do supersets.

Lunges/split squats/front squats/LP etc anything is easy to fit in. I prefer doing things with DB's here though because it's easier than hogging a power rack while doing a superset.

Mark, if you do this while keeping your diet in line, you're going to be awesome.

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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

OK I get that. And I know I'm new here (didn't even realize there was a thread like this on here til yesterday). It just seemed like a pointless request.


The thing about 'arguments' like this is that there's nothing really in this for us. I.e. we're not trying to sell coaching/services/etc so we're not at ends with one another. We BS about different approaches and base them in what we know from our own bodies and from our training partners bodies in order to dole out info. Some people on here, like teekay, have way more personal experience than others (he's going into residency and has done a comp). We've also got a few people that have done meets and are getting into it.

The arguments here have very little that's personal and the squabbles are minor at worst. The dynamic is just very different.

The thing is, if you end up going to the gym and lifting a challenging weight while maintaining a decent diet, you will get bigger. Yeah, sure you can do better, and that's what this is about. It's about training smarter so as to maximize gains with time spent. And people here rarely look down upon those that have other fitness goals. It just doesn't come across that way. For all the bad rap this thread gets, it's probably one of the most easy going.

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I wasn't here to start an argument. That wasn't my intention at all. So let's all forget about it and move on.

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Going to see how my stabbed thumb holds up to some no hook snatch and clean today. It was fine yesterday just with squats and presses. Hopefully if I tape it enough it doesn't open up again.

Also, I hit up an Indian buffet for lunch and I can feel the godfather of shits coming on. If anyone in the DC Metro area smells something nasty in the next hour or so, I apologize.
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got out of work early so i hit the gym for like a 90 minute workout. Hit up chipotle after and there's one dude ordering for 5 people, and then proceeds to pay separately for each meal.

He gives me the "sorry" shrug and i just give him the "fuck yourself' death glare.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post


squat, bench, incline db bench, press, dips, more triceps + abs
deadlift, pull-up, row, face pull, curl, more curl + abs

^ Nice but I find pull-ups hard/impossible after heavy DLs. Grip etc. frown.gif
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Then do pull ups before deads
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Thread Starter 
I would just do an ICF/SL full body A/B workout, don't modify it just do it twice a week only. Hitting muscles once a week is not gonna be enough.
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twice a week going hard to keep things in order is just fine, i'd fucking love to be lifting indiscriminately 2x/week. hes still gonna make it
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I like my plan. Also if grip is an issue, use straps.
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Wow 2 days a week. Really makes you put things in perspective.
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

Wow 2 days a week. Really makes you put things in perspective.

And this is where strength training is very different than training for cardio/endurance events.


6-8hrs a week for cycling is a bare minimum if you want to have any sort of fitness or competitiveness. And if your volume is that low, your training has to be SPOT on.

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But when I started lifting I thought I knew what a 'good" program was and that I trained better then everybody else. It only took a year and a half under the bar to realise I don't.

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To be fair, you aren't going to be at a "competitive" level lifting twice a week either.
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Originally Posted by K. Nights View Post

To be fair, you aren't going to be at a "competitive" level lifting twice a week either.

I don't know why, but people in the lifting world has this aversion or idea that you don't have to train much to become really good at it. Its like with lifting you can get away with training like shit and not putting any real time in.

"Don't lift for more than 45 minutes at a time or you'll go catabolic" etc...

I can't speak for Bodybuilding, but for powerlifting the really great guys train a ton more than your average trainee. The competetive guys in my club (world record bench presser, 2 national winners 225 class, 2 junior winners in national bench press) train 4-6 times a week at 2-4 hours a time.

Sure, you don't need that much from the beginning, it might even be counter productive. But if you have big goals you have to train a lot eventually and take it seriously just like any other sports athlete.

SL5x5 will get you strong to a certain point but if you would train more, you would prob also get stronger, you just have to accept that the marginal benefit curve of that extra workout time starts to flatten out after a certain threshold.
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