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Sometimes I wonder if ADD medication would make me more of a powerhouse at work. I mostly do this because I wonder if it would enable me to be more productive at work and then actually have a social life outside of work instead of essentially justifying to myself that I have to sacrifice these two years to the powers that be...

(Which basically means working 10+ hrs a day and about 10-20 hrs over the weekend depending on the week...)

ive worked about 60 hours this week already, not counting tomorrows shift.

making so much money though.

havent been to gym in weeks. cant wait to get back into it though

life is a lot of fun right now. i barely sleep cause we all hang after work.

summer is going to be a wild ride
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Maybe if your job doesn't involve you interacting with people because it makes me really fucking weird. I sweat loads, can't get words out, I move really awkwardly and I can't maintain eye contact. Basically become aspergers as fuck. I am very productive though and I can survive on like 3 hours sleep a night for a couple days on it without much sleep debt.

I wounder if I'm going to be able to lift whilst banking, hopefully. I can probably still make solid gains on like 3 1 hour sessions a week.
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I mean. There are times I need to talk to patients, but there are stints of like 4-5 hrs where I just need to zone out and work.

Basically, I need to stop treating 'down time' at work as time to fuck around and somehow make it research time and fit in 10-15 mins of work here and there. My coworker that just left was amazing at that and it's incredible how much he accomplished at work.

I'm basically overwhelmed as fuck because I'm going to be doing a 2 man job by myself for all of June while writing a manuscript, doing 2-3 analyses, and applying to medical school.

Fuck. Me.


I'm hoping to get in to work by 7 30-8 every day so I can get into the gym for an hour over lunch every day. If I can lift 4-5 days a week over lunch hours, it will be so awesome for my overall productivity.

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I mean, I've used adderall once as a frosh in college and I fucking read a 400 page econ book in 3 hours...

I like... couldn't stop paying attention even if I tried.

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I really don't like lifting on amphetamine, I've done it once and I will definitely not do it again, dat heart beat man. Could try get a instant release one so not like adderal or vyvanse and take it after going to the gym and it should have worn off by the time you leave work. Your in the states so I assume it's ridiculously easy for you to get and you don't need to get seen by like 4 psychiatrists, a cardiologist and a couple gps.
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I used adderal to stay up last night at a strip club, I have cheap lipstick all over my body and one of the strippers kept whispering in my gfs ear how big my dick was, so that was a plus.
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I mean... I'm not going to do it, but I'm curious what it would do...
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ran 11.2km today, ouch. feels pretty good and ***functional*** though, dat not getting winded when running up the stairs feel. now i can ride my high-horse past all of those lumbering powerlifters who gasp for breath when they reach for the top shelf to get some twinkies.

how come i can massage the shit out of my serratus anterior superior, be elbow pain-free for 5 minutes, then have it come back 10 minutes later?
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pretty sure i've seen something like that in a bdsm video
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Nohomo locker room progress pic
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Not really feeling these iphone photos I feel like I look way better in the mirror than these photos. Also at a new gym paid for by my company, so there's $30/mo saved. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Tesseract, this is at 186...
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How's that Bronkaid stack treating ya?
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It's alright, I need to stop taking it on nights I go out drinking, though. Also today after sitting in the sauna for like an hour my heart was racing, prob from the EC.
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I need to get my bike up and running again. Cycling to work and back on top of lifting makes the weight fly off fast!

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There's a thing in my city where you can rent a bike out as long as you bring it back to another station (they're all over though) within 30 minutes. And my work sells the annual pass for like $30. Worth it for 3 months? I'm thinking it is.


So any bike tips?

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Just brought mine in for a tuneup and some repairs for the season, hyped to get it back
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