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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Tempted to focus on yoga all summer, eat normally, and lift just once a week with the big 4.

If you're really bored with liftig and don't have any major goals besides staying healthy and looking good, you could def drop a lot of the time you spend on it.

I would do 2x a week though. The sessions would be shorter than once a week and you should be able to squeeze enough frequency and volume in to even make some progress.

I'd do maybe two different presses, two pull excercises and one squat variation every workout. Throw in some light stuff for hamstrings, quads, abs and arms and it should be enough and efficient.
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The Crunch I have gone to in Greenwich Village finally moved to a new location one block away. The old space was incredible, 30 foot high ceilings, lots of space between apparatus and an Olympic lifting platform. I knew that the new location would be a step down but it is worse than imagined. Super cramped, no squat racks yet (they are supposedly coming but i dont know where they would put them) and no Olympic lifting platform. According to the manager they nixed the platform because the gym is now in a residential building and it was too noisy. Not sure how putting a lifting platform in a basement would cause noise to the tenants.

May have to explore the Equinox nearby which is significantly more expensive.
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the worst part about running (besides a full 45 minutes of constantly thinking to myself of how much i want to die) is sweating like a pig for hours afterwards. seriously. i could lift for a good hour plus in 20 plus degrees celsius in my garage, be soaked in sweat, take a shower and be fine. now any more than half an hour of running leaves me dripping with sweat for hours afterwards... its been an hour since i finished my run and i still have a fan blasting my face with sweat dripping off of it. ugh.

i think running is helping my elbow, strangely enough. at about 15 minutes in, when the blood is really pumping, i get 100% full ROM, no pain, no nothing, like nothing ever happened. the stiffness and pain has returned post-run, so i guess i just need to keep blood flowing to the area constantly. i would friggin love to see what's going on mechanically on the inside to know why and how this is happening. i've gone from carpal tunnel to tennis elbow to trigger points to thoracic outlet syndrome back to trigger points then tennis elbow again... every day i think its something else, i just need to keep massaging out my scalenes, serratus posterior superior, infraspinatus, lats, stretch all of the above, do controlled eccentric stuff for the forearm... i am making steady progress at least. smile.gif
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First day of cut going well! Cooked a shitlload of meat and veggies to eat this week.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

10% is probably about right.  Is that normal? 

Yup. Definitely.

Happens when you're more cardio focused too. Dropping weight on the bike would mean power drops as well, but when you start training again it comes back fast and you gain less weight.

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If I lost 10% of my bw and my lifts went down 10% i'd be russled. That would lower your wilks.
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Depends on how it comes back. 10% is definitely on the highest side of that I'd be comfortable with.


It also happens way more often if you cut more aggressively. If you're only cutting 1-2lbs a week then you shouldn't see that much given your diet is in order and you're still lifting a bunch.

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goddamn a food scale is sco clutch. No more eyeballing shit ever again.
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at least he was smart enough to not use clips
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

goddamn a food scale is sco clutch. No more eyeballing shit ever again.

One of my best purchases. Wife also likes it for baking, even though she made fun of me for wanting one. Also doubles as a postal scale.
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^ triples as a **super bad** drugs scale.
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Can someone explain to me why any business would need to be withdrawing this amount of cash?

The kids pretending it's his money but he's full of shit.
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To post on instagram so he can look baller obvs
Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

^ triples as a **super bad** drugs scale.

Food scales usually only weigh out to a tenth though peepwall[1].gif
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RHET i'm going to fail my maths module this year, is it better to write some shit numbers get like 8% or just not sit it and get a 0? Will still graduate with dat 1st though because my uni has the most retarded way of assigning grades. Sum of your top 4 modules out of 9 and the rest don't matter lol. Can fail my 3rd year and still be good.
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