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just go nude i don't see what's the problem
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Originally Posted by tesseract View Post

Am I a moron for wanting to wear gym clothes under my cap and gown for commencement?

Yes, don't you have some sort of reception to attend afterward?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

This complete 1080* on gluten sensitivity is hilarious.

Not sure where the reverse is occurring? I don't buy the whole gluten-sensitivity thing, however, it seems obvious to me why it'd "work" for a number of people.

  • Eliminate copious amounts of bread and processed foods from one's diet
  • Eat more "whole" foods, fruits, veggies, and nuts
  • Focus on proteins such as lean meat, seafood, etc.

The above is so much better than the standard american diet. Yes, people can freak out and say, "oh, those gluten-free cookies aren't any better" but you're an idiot if you're going gluten-free and still eating tons of cookies and cakes.
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I looked back at my log.... I have had tricep tendinitis on and off for about a year. Gonna take a month off of upper body stuff and hopefully heal up fully.... I hope I haven't done any permanent damage frown.gif
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more likely tendonosis then
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Reaping all kinds of gains from dat post-cut anabolic rebound. Strength is almost back where it was pre-cut but at 20lbs less bodyweight. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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If I have an important exam Tuesday should I eat normal tomorrow instead of cutting on basically no fat. I'm worried the no fat is going to make me retarded.
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Also I signed a lease and will officially be moving to DC/MD on June 3rd. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I might shave my legs so my quads look juicer, can't see shit past all this hair. I could wax them I guess.

Edit: Been recommended an epilator, brb buying epilator.
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

more likely tendonosis then

Fuck this... back to cycling. This shit's gonna need months to heal foo.gif
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Did my first squats w/ a belt yesterday. Blew through my previous 1RM hitting it 4x4. Was amazed. Have converted.
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I made a bunch of rice with lentils and split peas mixed in. How can I make this easily recordable? Weigh the whole thing and put that weight in MFP along with the ingredients' combined macros?
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Had some lolzy shit occur. Came home from the library cooking dinner at like 2am, flat mates gf comes home shit faced and sits down with me. Starts being really physical, like groping my shit calling me baby and stuff. Tells me i'm a big sexy asian (lel) and how handsome I am. Ask her if she mirin gains whilst flexing. She starts playing with her tits getting her bra out being like "saying that is like me doing this to you" so was thinking how do i fuck her with her bf in the house. Telling me how she wishes she could be with someone better looking who makes more money then her bf. Shortly after this she starts yelling at me telling me I fucked her over by effectively kicking her and her bf out of the house and how I'm a psychopath who only cares about himself. Also told me she thought I would have made more gains on gear. I told her I put like well over 100lb on my total, but she didn't give a fuck and said no one cares about how strong I am if I look weak frown.gif. She then got more emotional and started talking about how her dad died and how he always told her she wasn't good enough and I need to be more confident in myself and not worry about improving myself or some shit? Weird shit man, will try smash when I move out.
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Well she's right about the psychopath part doe.
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Trying my own protein bar recipe. Just oats, whey, pb2 and soy milk. Will report back.
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