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Originally Posted by erbs View Post

My deadlift is weak off the floor, but once I get the bar to about knee height I have no problem with the lock out.

What assistance exercises should I focus on to improve my strength off the floor?

This is my problem. I have read weak hamstrings are the culprit. Ham work and speed work seem to be the most prescribed solutions.
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deficit deads
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Deficit dead and snatch grip deads have helped for me.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

deficit deads

Originally Posted by Donut View Post

Deficit dead and snatch grip deads have helped for me.

Originally Posted by tesseract View Post

Ham work and speed work seem to be the most prescribed solutions.

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Brewers are KILLING it this season!

Anyone ever try mixing Greek yogurt with Jello sugar free cheesecake pudding mix?
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Weak off the floor has always been the opposite for me; it's always been weak quads or bad use of 'leg drive.'

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Yep. Weak quads crew
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

So should I really increase my protein from 150g to 200g? Seems high, was thinking 170-180g. Currently weighing around 187, 5'6. Opinions?

No need to go to 200g if you don't want to. Do 170g and swap added proteins for less carbs, so you still get the same total calories as before.
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Was hoping to pick everyone’s brain on helping me get started with a new workout routine or point me in the direction of some good resources for me to look at. Here is some background:

-Currently weigh 6’2”, around 220 lbs and 20ish bf %

-Natural build is pretty decent

-Have been working out around once a week in the gym in my building, however, equipment is very lacking and it is always very busy so I don’t find myself going there often.

-Just started playing flag football / soccer and will probably increase that to 2-3 times per week and running 1-2 times per week.

-Already have relatively large thighs / butt so I don’t plan on doing a lot of heavy leg exercises as I found they just exploded in the past.

I have done crossfit before and enjoyed it; however, it was very expensive and class times didn’t always work. I plan on getting a membership to a gym very close by and was planning on working out 2 times per week most likely. My goal is to decrease my weight to probably 200 – 205 and reduce my body fat as well. I don’t care about how much I lift or being the hugest guy in the room. Looking to be more athletic and have a better overall appearance. Should I be doing crossfit style workouts, full body workouts, split certain body parts? Does anyone have any sample workouts for me to start with?

Thanks for any help!
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Track your calories using myfitnesspal, eat at a 500 calorie deficit on rest days and your maintenence calories on workout days. Get 1 g protein per bodyweight daily and do whatever mix of carbs or fats you like.

2x a week is good for a push/pull split. The basic exercises are:

Bench Press
Overhead Press

Row (whatever variation you want)

done 3x8-10, increasing weight/reps each session

Then whatever else you'd like thrown in depending on your goals (some extra tricep/chest/shoulder volume on push day and bicep work on pull day to "look good" and then some power stuff on pull day to help with your soccer stuff.

So, the above,
+incline db press, cable tricep pushdown, db flye, lat raise on Push Day.

+kettlebell swings/snatches, power cleans (if you can do them), bicep curl on Pull day.

I'd also add sprint intervals to your runs.
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Traps looking good...
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First 4 plate squat. It was emotional and surprisingly fast. Also 130x15
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fuji you keep switching from kg to lbs i can't follow your posts
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Haha I do body weight in lb and lifts in kg. ocassionally when I'm not at uni ill lift at a gym on an American military base so I use lb for weight.
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