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That Lucas Parker dude is pretty decent size

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Originally Posted by TRINI View Post

That Lucas Parker dude is pretty decent size


That guy is definitely not only doing crossfit though as they don't train chest and he has great chest development. Well not great but some.
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Redbeard Lives!

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If i could grow facial hair i'd totally bulk like fuck and go straight dwarf swag.
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Adam, how much do you weigh right now?


You're like 5'8 right?

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I'm Currently 165 at 5'6".

Depending on how quickly i get to working around this shoulder thing i'd like to either cut down to high 150's or just balloon up into 170's and then cut.
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I really would like to post pics because it's pretty bad the transformation. But at the same time he's my buddy and I've known him forever, don't want to post pics of him online without his consent.

GN quit being injured :P
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I'm like 165ish right now at 5'10. I feel slightly soft even though I'm not really. Not being able to lift heavy with my legs sucks for the feels.


Did a leg workout yesterday:

Stationary lunges (3x10), Step up (3x7), and 3x10 for quad and hamstring curl machines. It's not much and it's not that heavy, which sucks, but it's all I can do for now. I'll try doing it twice a week to atleast have some training effect.

Hoping I can start adding front squats at some point, but not worth the risk:reward right now.
Side note: I'm going to need to find my straps real real soon. Forearm strength is shit.

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Originally Posted by virus646 View Post

What's your bike again? I think you posted a pic not so long ago and I remember you had a nice ride.

Ninja 650R. Went down, destroyed the plastic, "fighter'd" it. Finally got it mostly sorted out, it was a mess for a while.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Back to lifting.... why is my energy so all over the place... Monday I felt great... today I feel like shit
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Inzer just arrived, sitting next to my desk at work. Can't wait to open.

A lot of people say they had bad experiences with Inzer, I ordered my belt last monday, and it's here today, and when I called to ask about tracking they were nothing but nice.
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Yeah, I had a pretty good experience with them too. I ordered one of the custom colors and it took a little longer to arrive than they quoted, but when I called for a status update they were very helpful and polite.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Oh come on, it's not that dangerous. You're just seeing the worst case scenarios. Injury rates aren't that high, and many injuries are due to irresponsible riders (lack of protective gear, lack of training, lack of proper practice, lack of respect for the bike and one's environment).
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Hey coldsnap, PM sent.
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join date: 11/2012

strong first post
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I received no PM either.
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