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Tight hip flexors
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Originally Posted by fallenwest View Post

Anyone have any idea why my hip would be hurting after squats?

I've never had anyone teach me proper form, that was probably a bad idea in hindsight. Just watched stuff on youtube and did what felt right.

The pain feels like it's in the tendons right below my hip bone, on the front of my body. Maybe my hip flexor? It hurts when I try to lift my leg up particularly high, and hurts more the more weight I try to squat with. I've stopped squating for a while, at least until I'm healed and figure out how to prevent it in the future.

I know it's usually impossible to diagnose someone over the internet, but maybe one of you've had this problem before.

I thought maybe I wasn't pushing my knees out enough, when I tried fixing that before I quit completely it helped but didn't fix the problem. leaning a bit more forward, but still keeping the back flat and weight on the heels, helped a bit too.

Oh yeah, symptoms occurred fairly shortly after starting to squat below parallel.

very very common

do hip flexor stretches and use a lacross ball to get into the hip capsule
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oh really? that's a relief I thought I might have really fucked up

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It doesn't mean it isn't serious. I tore my hip flexors twice because they were too tight, each time required about 6 months of rest/rehab.
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ah ok.


I can always just run to work my legs I guess.


So just to be clear, it probably isn't an issue of form, just flexibility?

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It can be caused by form issues. I get hip pain if I squat more narrow.
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Originally Posted by fallenwest View Post

ah ok.

I can always just run to work my legs I guess.

So just to be clear, it probably isn't an issue of form, just flexibility?

Running is in no way an adequate substitution for squats and other heavy leg training.

If it's a flexibility issue, it's likely causing a form issue. The two usually go hand-in-hand. But as you said yourself, it's not really possible to diagnose someone over the internet.
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I know it works the leg, and body, in a completely different way, I just really like running and haven't been doing it much since i started lifting. I was saying that if I need to take a break from squatting I'd probably just get back into running, which hasn't been hurting my hip flexors.


I'm not super serious about lifting anyway, I just do it for fun.


I'll probably end up getting a lesson or two from one of the coaches at my school. Maybe set up an appointment with pt.


Thanks for the responses guys, I'll duck out now, don't want to clog up the thread.

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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

Also, the worst thing that could possibly happen on a workout day just transpired:

music while lifting meh fuck that
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Concept how often were you told to do the myofascial release and stretch on the back? I did it today and felt great although the double lacross ball in the back made me want to die. However I've managed to leave a few bruise marks from the lacross ball.

Idk really.
I do the whole sequency once or twice a day. Couch stretch I do two to three times since my left hip flexor and quad is always stupid tight. Back bends I probably do 5 times or more. I just notice my lower back gets very stiff after sitting so I do a few reps of those.

My spine has been cracking like crazy when I roll the erectors. I also noticed it feels very good to just lie on your back with the roller under the lumbar and then twist your legs and hips to one side with both shoulders still in contact with the floor. Sorta like ab side twists with the roller under your back.
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Interesting study.

The effect of bodybuilding vs powerlifting style training on hypertrophy and strength:

"Regimented resistance training has been shown to promote marked increases in skeletal muscle mass. Although muscle hypertrophy can be attained through a wide range of resistance training programs, the principle of specificity, which states that adaptations are specific to the nature of the applied stimulus, dictates that some programs will promote greater hypertrophy than others. Research is lacking, however, as to the best combination of variables required to maximize hypertophic gains. The purpose of this study was to investigate muscular adaptations to a volume-equated bodybuilding-type training program versus a powerlifting-type routine in well-trained subjects. 17 young men were randomly assigned to either an HT group that performed 3 sets of 10RM with 90 seconds rest or an ST group that performed 7 sets of 3RM with 3 minutes rest. After 8 weeks, no significant differences were noted in muscle thickness of the biceps brachii. Significant strength differences were found in favor of ST for the 1RM bench press and a trend was found for greater increases in the 1RM squat. In conclusion, this study showed both bodybuilding- and powerlifting-type training promote similar increases in muscular size, but powerlifting-type training is superior for enhancing maximal strength."

J Strength Cond Res. 2014 Apr 7. Effects of different volume-equated resistance training loading strategies on muscular adaptations in well-trained men.

The comparison is not totally fair though. 21 heavy reps building more strength than 30 light reps is hardly surprising. It should also be noted that the powerlifting group did full body workout (1 lift each for chest, legs, back) and the bodybuilding group did a 3-split (1 workout for each for chest, legs, back with 3 lifts hitting the same muscle group).
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Have any of you got experience with pull up thingies you mount on your door frame? Any system that doesn't destroy the frame and can handle 200lbs, and possibly is designed to have a bit more distance from the floor?
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Left in a rush this morning so I didn't bring my work shoes with me. Currently wearing do wins at the office. Going to try and stay at my desk all day...
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Pro tip. Leave a pair of dress shoes at your desk for times like this.
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