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Rings should be 32" apart in powerlifting.

I believe it's 36" (IIRC) for weightlifting.
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Fuark so I've been benching at just about the widest legal width? Always thought i benched kind of narrow.

The gym I usually train at has an ongoing meet year round. You just ask one of the staff to watch you do your total and they put it on a board,but the problem is they divide totals into just 300kg, 400kg or 500kg and nothing in between. I don't think I could hit 500kg, but i could do 400kg with like around my 10rm (140,80,180) so I don't really see all that much point.
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I think rogue bars have knurling for both?
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Fuark so I've been benching at just about the widest legal width? Always thought i benched kind of narrow.

Maybe.. you wouldn't know unless you personally measured the distance between rings. I keep a measuring tape in my bag so I can measure the rings on the bar before I bench. I've seen bars to had 34" and others that had 30". Though most in my gym are the standard 32".

Edge of pointers touching rings is max competition width.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Rings should be 32" apart in powerlifting.

I believe it's 36" (IIRC) for weightlifting.

yeah. an easy way to tell (at least with the bars we have) whether you have a pl or wl bar is to grab a hold of the centre knurling, if it's about the width of your hand, its a wl bar. if it's much wider it's a pl bar.
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

cant believe I just found this thread, anyway I'll cut the backstory and head strait to the current points

I'm short and lean with cut muscle, I'm also GenX and haven't really done much for the last 3-5 years other than light yoga stretches, shit-ton of pullups + pushups, light resistance training with rubber bands and light weight training with dumbbells

I know my current regimen is weak and I definitely have free time to do more, however I'm satisfied aesthetically as my body looks pretty much the same as ever, but I think my routines are pretty random and I have ZERO motivation as did when starting out or while competing

I work out at home, hate going to gyms but not 100% opposed to it, I dont want to bulk or add more muscle, just want to maintain and maybe fine tweak some parts, I still eat the same as ever with maybe slightly less volumes overall, lots of cabs, lots of protein but only natural fats, no processed, no fast food, no fried food, no breads, no pastas, no dairies

being a shorter guy I never really wanted too much bulk and was targeting optimal height/weight/strength ratios, weight wise I think I peaked at around 145-150 lbs, nowadays I should be closer to 125-130 lbs and feel good but could maybe take it up another 5-10 lbs

is anybody here in a similar boat


This may sound contradicting to what you want to achieve, but I think you should give pure strength training a try (like powerlifting, although I am hesitant to use that word to regular fitness people as it tends to scare them away). I do not mean bodybuilding, as it seems like you don't like that kind of training and culture.


Training for strength with the squat, bench and deadlift with low reps while not eating a big calorie surplus won't have you gain much muscle. Maybe you could eat just 200 calorie surplus or so and then do a short cut when you think you've gained too much. Look at the powerlifters in the 66 kg weight class. They're not big and hugely muscular and from what I know, their strength mostly comes from good genetics and nervous system. 


I think strength training could give you some new motivation and purpose to your training. Grinding out a heavy new 1RM is hugely motivating, but you prob already know that. If you don't like the atmosphere in regular fitness gyms (I don't really), then a gym for athletes or even a powerlifting gym could be a big improvement. Generally not the same kind of people there if that's what bothering you. People in those places are often very welcoming and happy to help new people out.


Btw, there's nothing bad with diary, pasta and bread unless you're lactose and gluten intolerant. Food with gluten may make you look puffier, but that's only because they make you hold more water.

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whole wheat bread mode activated
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GN you might already know this book, but knucks recommended me it and it's pretty good :
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Alright RHET, wondering if I could get some feedback on my current workout/diet plan. Pretty long post ahead.


Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 216-220 lbs

Age: 26

Measurements: not sure how this is typically done, but I'm about a 44.5" chest, 38" midsection, 39" hips. I have really high and big hips. My legs and arms are very long. Unfortunately, I'm on the road right now and don't have a tape measure.

For some history, I'd say I've been lifting regularly since May 2011. That was after shoulder surgery for a torn labrum. Back then, I was around 210 lbs or so. Somehow, I ended up at 200 lbs 19 months ago. I had shoulder surgery again for a torn labrum on my other shoulder 15 months ago. After recovery, I was around 210 lbs and skinny fat. I started lifting heavily again 10 months ago, this time taking it more seriously. Now I would estimate that I'm around the same body fat % as when I was 200 lbs, just a lot stronger. I used to just go to the small workout facility at my apartment complex; now I go to a regular gym. It's has your standard dumbbells, barbells, weight machines, lots of cardio machines. It has yoga classes and such also. Basically your standard gym, I guess. It has mostly LifeFitness equipment.


I have 6 different workouts I rotate through, lifting 5-6 days a week. I lift 45-60 minutes with 3 sets of 5-10 reps to failure each time. I try to focus on good form to make sure I avoid injury, doing exercises slowly. I don't have a whole lot of trust in my shoulders due to my two surgeries. I used to dislocate them easily (5x for one, over 15x for the other). I even once dislocated a shoulder stupidly doing barbell shoulder press behind my neck. Thankfully, I haven't had a dislocation since my surgeries, but I'd rather not push things.  Here are examples of my typical workouts.



Incline dumbbell press

Machine pec flies

Iso-lateral bench press (Hammer machine)

Incline dumbbell flys

Iso-lateral incline press (Hammer machine)

Cable pec flies

Cable chest press





Dumbbell rows

Lat pulldown

Cable rows

Assisted pullups

Dumbbell pullovers



Leg extension (machine)

Leg curls (machine)

Calf (machine)

Squats (

Leg curls (different machine)

One-legged weighted calf raises

Incline leg press (



Dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell lateral raise

Dumbbell shrugs

Reverse flies (machine)

Cable shoulder press

Something where I start with a cable at my opposite hip, arm extended, pull it to a position with my arm at a 45 degree angle

Shoulder press (Hammer machine)



Dumbbell curls


Curls (machine)


Reverse barbell curls (palms down)

Tricep extension (machine)

Barbell curls

Cable tricep extension



Windshield wipers (hang from a bar, raise legs up, move legs slowly in reverse pendulum range of motion)

Ab crunches (machine)

Weighted bicycles

Leg raises


Cardio (done in addition to regular lifting)

Usually elliptical, sometimes running

20-30 minutes after lifting on ab days

40 minutes after lifting on my other workouts if it’s the weekend or an afternoon, unless it was a leg day. I don’t do cardio after leg days. I typically get in 2 of these 40 minute sessions per week.


I don’t do the standard bench press, deadlift, or squats, mainly because I’m deathly afraid of injuring myself. Best reference I can provide is that I typically start my chest days with incline dumbbell press using 80 lbs on my first set and go down from there. Curls, I start at 50 lbs. Legs, I can do 360 lbs i.e. 4 plates each side on that “v-squat” machine above without too much trouble. I can do 540 lbs on that incline leg press machine at the end of my workout when my legs are pretty tired already, and I might try around 600 soon.


I have been following a low carb diet for about 8 months now. It seems like ever since I started it, my gains have been far faster. Eggs and bacon/sausage for breakfast. Grilled chicken and salad for lunch. Grilled steak/chicken/fish, vegetables, and salad for dinner. Nuts, beef jerky, cheese for snacks. I also drink a lot of coffee. I plugged everything into myfitnesspal to see my nutrition totals for a typical day. Snacks includes 72 g of protein from whey protein.













































This might overstate the number of sugar and carbs for lunch, since I make a homemade BBQ sauce with stevia instead of sugar. Otherwise, that’s basically what I eat Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, I have a late breakfast, skip lunch, and eat more snacks. Friday and Saturday you can add a good amount of beer and alcohol. I avoid drinking during the week unless it’s a special occasion. If I’m going out to eat (typically once or twice a week) I don’t worry about avoiding carbs.


In my experience, if I follow this I easily maintain or lose weight slowly. If I deviate from it, e.g. when I’m on the road, eat out more frequently, or drink more than usual, I start gaining weight. Is that crazy, eating over 3000 calories per day and not being fat?


So in the end and if you made it this far, I’m just looking for some general feedback on my plan. I’m very satisfied with my progress over the last 10 months of more serious lifting. I’m vastly stronger and my friends, family, and girls notice and comment on it. I don’t have any interest in competition or bodybuilding, I just want to look good. I wouldn’t want to go through cycles of bulking and cutting; buying all new shirts the last few months has been enough of an annoyance. Working out is also a time where I listen to podcasts, actually listen to music rather than having it on in the background, or read (on my Kindle on elliptical). I guess what I’m saying is I don’t have any specific goals and I'm happy just progressing as I have been.


I’d really appreciate any feedback I could get. Is there anything I should consider changing to get better results? Does anything I wrote above jump out as a red flag or leave you scratching your head?

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Anybody have reccos for gym shorts? All of mine are basically thrashed and need to be replaced, i like cotton blends because i find they don't get the sour funk that 100% synthetics do, obv. need enough room to squat without rustling my jimmies but also without being so baggy that bishes cant bertstare my tight ass.

I'm thinking of just ordering 10 pairs of something like this and just tossing them after a few months which i would be reluctant to do with something more expensive.
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All good and well if this works for you, but I have no clue how you guys can go low carb without feeling like shit....

BTW Junk food is awesome in moderation....

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Ketawa looks like too much volume. Im also personally not a fan of 1x a week bro workouts. I would do an upper body workout 2x/wk and a lower body workout 1-2x/week. Also since you are so tall and lanky (no swipes) you might want to switch to dumbbells for all your pressing movements so your shoulders can live. I'm also in the "need carbs to live" camp... carbs are such a better source of energy than fat, plus I never understood how people could cut down eating half a lb of fat of day. Human body is designed for carbs.
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Got some new whey that's really low carb/fat. Tastes good, too. Gonna give my Syntha-6 away because I'm never eating it again prob. Also bought creatine in 2.5g capsules, much more expensive but worth it if it allows me to actually take it consistently.

Hurt my back squatting on Saturday, on a warm up set of all things. Luckily just a tweaked muscle, no spinal issues. It's already feeling much better, but I'm gonna give it a couple of days to a week before getting back in the gym.

Girlfriend's actually motivating me now - she's going to her trainer twice a week, is meticulously counting her calories, goes swimming a lot now for fun/workout on off days, and also hits the gym separately. She's been losing 1.6 lbs/wk for the last 7 weeks, so down 11.2 lbs. Fucking killing it. She told me the other day after she cuts down, she wants to start training to compete in power lifting. inlove.gif
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