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He's legit:
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Derp, hurt myself today. Dunno how bad it is, I'll see tomorrow but it seems pretty bad.

Same here. Tweaked my back again coming out of the hole on squats.

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Same here, something screwy with my right shoulder, it doesn't really hurt, but something is off... It feels heavy, and disconnected from the rest of my body?
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What the heck guys...
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

Sooo is this guy legit or what

surprisingly, yes. he has good technique, specifically for someone who doesn't specialize in weightlifting. don't know much else about the guy but the fact that he can clean kinda makes me like him a little bit.
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I'm feeling fucking great, so enjoy your turn at the injury table, suckers.
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Maybe time to give up this powerlifting bullshit if youre not competing or a serious athlete and just want to look sexy
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@skeen7908 You seem to be running your mouth around these parts and know your shit! Please breakdown training routine to achieve basketball athlete body, stamina, and agility. TIA
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Would you follow his advice even if he gave it to you, Toasty?
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Probably not. BTW, repost your photo! I missed it
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Link to the SF approved eastbay comp shorts? Thx.
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Once again.. feeling healthy and great minus the normal aches.
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frown.gif I was feeling awesome. This was a freak thing, bench press rack and bench press seat were off level by a ton. Only noticed it after I hurt myself. It's not acheing and pulsating so I don't think I tore anything. It's just super sore and doesn't wan't to go through any range of motion.
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Zero current injuries crew checking in. Making all kinds of gains(losses).
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Part of the zero injuries crew, stay safe OP
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