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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

I kind of want to do what you did, and get out of NY for a little while...

Has only been a fleeting thought, but i'd like to give it more consideration and figure out where to go.
Depending on what you could do it could work. If I hadn't met my wife I'd prob still be in NYC for better or worse. NC def has its downsides too

I have a squat rack in my living room though. I can't go back
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I definitely drank a lot more when I was single. Now that I have a girlfriend it's much more weed and anime and board games and cooking.

The problem is that I like being social and it seems that so much NYC social life revolves around drinking.
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Today I curled in the gym using an eleiko bar and eleiko bumper plates off of clean blocks on a platform. Such a good feel.
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I fit properly in very few of my shirts now. frown.gif

Gonna eat my ass of for the next 6 weeks to finish off this bulk, not gonna be pretty. Will post "before" pics then just to see if I can beat TK for RHET-props.
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This ON 5lb Chocolate Whey I got taste like garbage, something must have gone wrong with this batch. Hopefully Amazon can help me out here. It taste like sour grahm crackers, so weird been eating this protein for over a year now and the bad taste is noticeable.

edit - Amazon is awesome, 8 minutes later they shipped me out a new one next day air.
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No it wasn't a mistake ON tastes like liquified chalk.
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On the topic of protein powder taste... I recently bought Dymatize cookies and cream flavored casein protein. It is hands down the best tasting protein powder I've ever had (and I've tried a lot). It mixes easier than any other protein powder I've had as well. Going to try their whey soon.
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When you talk about taste you gotta say if it contains sweetner and shit.
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Re: drinking, I'm still in college and so it's very well expected that I get drunk with my friends. I enjoy it, though I tend to enjoy the sitting and relaxing type bars over manic dance floor bars. School starts back Tuesday for me, so Friday night I went up with some friends to a house in the middle of the woods and just got absolutely trashed the last two nights (net damage: 4 cases of beer, 1 fifth of fireball, 1 bottle of champagne, and about a handle of burnetts between 12 people). Going to drink again tonight as I'm back on campus with a bunch of friends I've not seen for a month.


I find myself not enjoying it quite as much anymore and I've toned down over the past few months from where I was, now usually only drinking 4-6 drinks a night instead of 10+. 

random thought: i fucked up my shoulder either slept on it wrong or screwed it up playing water basketball. Hopefully feels better tomorrow so I can hit the gym.

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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

You should move to South-East Asia, brah. Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam or sth.

I do have an English degree haha, I hear those are somewhat in demand... give me some more information. I could teach yes?
Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Man, I'm exacty the same. I pretty much stopped liking going out every weekend and getting shit faced when I was 20 already. Don't know when people start drinking in the US but we start pretty early in Europe. I also get tired of things very easily if it doesn't change or progress in some way. So going to the same club for the 20th time wasn't doing it for me.

Nowadays, I just go out to see some DJ or maybe chat over a beer at some bar, but I usually leave early. I just like a very low stress lifestyle. Last two weeks have been work, gym, food, some films and my new 3DS, lol. Going to an art show now with my sis but thats pretty much it. Def feel old at times and I've noticed I tend to get along better with people thare a couple years older than me.

Low stress is exactly what it is. I just want to be calm and comfortable. Hear you on the older people thing as well, most of my friends are a bit older, and people are usually surprised to find out i'm only 22. Such is life.
Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post

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Trimmed my chest hair, forgot how insanely more defined that makes you look hahaha.

Also trying out these Tan Towel things to see if they'll work so I don't have to be pale anymore. Seem pretty simple to use, will report back after results.
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Get on that Melanotan 2 time, son.
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Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post

Never noticed you were in Tidewater^. I grew up in Yorktown and frequent VA Beach.

Yep, from Newport News, and ended up back here, though I work in Norfolk now.

UPS tracking says I should have Starting Strength 3rd edition and a new lifting belt in hand by the end of the day.
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