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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

cardio that you actually enjoy

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Haha, you might have a point.

But seriously, a half hour of basketball, mountanbiking on cool trails in dope locations, swimming laps. All options that are extremes better than people watching at the PF
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That's true. Lots of hiking here, but I'm definitely not a fan of hiking. Could swim if I'd clean my pool... it hasn't been cleaned since... ummm June? Fuuuckkk... I just keep chlorine in it so the water stays clear. Will continue to do the PF things and switch it up if I get bored. Plus, since I have a power rack and dumbbells to 120, PF has the machines I could potentially need and much cheaper than a real gym.
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Only kinda cardio I can stand is HIIT on a stationary bike.

Unfortunately after my comp I have to start running again to make sure I can pass my PFT.
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Why not hiit on treadmill? That's what I've been doing.
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Because I hate it.

Also hate knowing that if I slip and fall I'm going to end up on a youtube video.
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Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

That happened to me once, except the guy actually grabbed my chest. WTF? People have never seen someone grind out a squat?

Oldest trick in the book. Dude was trying to have sex with you.
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Lol, some of those final reps can be touch and go jumping on biggrin.gif

What's your shoulder routine?
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Do shoulders on both push and pull day. The shoulder specific stuff I do includes:

Push day:
Push press 5x3
Plate raises 3x10
Lateral raises w/ smith machine 3x10

Pull day:
Face pulls 3x10
Bent over lateral raises 3x10
Upright Rows 3x10
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Anyone leave a protein workout shake over night? Does it spoil? Drove through a bad tornado warning to my gym and It was closed because of the weather. Bogus. I made a shake though with my last protein powder and need it for tomorro w:(
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Nah, I wouldn't drink it dude. You'll probably catch the AIDS.
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Not worth the risk. Once you get a smelly shaker there's no turning back.
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our national team was on a surprise visit today so trained with those guys. cool ppl, although I know some of them already.
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can't deadlift with my shoulder thing. fmlllllllllllllll
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