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Just saw my old RMT for an hour of pure agony. Turns out shitloads of upper back work, everyday squats and comp bench setup tightens you up like a torque wrench. Also could not believe how unbelievably painful my forearm/elbow extensors were. Finding a good RMT who knows how to dish out deep tissue pain was the best thing ive done for myself.

Completely unrelated: was searching for some inspiration to update my vision board and ended up googling "Klokov physique" and "Stoitsov" for a good half hour. Feels homo man. Also look what I found when googling:

lol wtf

four posts in and some pheg crossfitter is questioning an olympic silver medalists' technique. laugh.gif

also ivan stoitsov now > stoitsov earlier
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I have a question about cutting. Since while you are losing weight your maintenance changes would it make sense to continually adjust your daily calories down? It would only vary about 15-20kcal per week, but I did some math and figured out my maintenance will go down ~400kcal/day for the amount I want to cut (~30lbs). I woke up today realizing I feel unhealthy as fuck and don't really want to get any heavier than this, even though I'm not as strong as I wanted to be before my cut.
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You can limit the metabolic damage by incorporating refeeds, say once a week or so. If you're cutting for a long time (maybe over 16 weeks?) you might want to do a week at maintenance to rev up the metabolism and energy levels. No need to stress a cut unless you have a deadline like a comp.
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Watching an old video of squats in IPF Raw atm.

Man, so those guys go deep. Feels like none of the strongest US powerlifters would pass a lift in that fed.

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Just go on youtube and watch any IPF world cup.

I saw 2012 classic world cup for unequipped.
Then compare their depth to any training video of guys like Brandon Lilly or Eric Lillebridge squatting. Not to mention the geared US lifters. Not calling anyone out, its just a huge difference in whats passed as deep enough.
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Rule is to break parallel. Not go TO parallel. Nor go 2" past parallel. But to break it. That's all. If you want to do more in competition, that's up to you and you're more than welcome to.
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Okay, I wanna start shedding a bit of winter weight, is HIIT, lifting and caloric restriction the best way to go?
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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Okay, I wanna start shedding a bit of winter weight, is HIIT, lifting and caloric restriction the best way to go?
You dont need cardio. Calorie restriction is probably best. HIIT may eat up muscle.
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Originally Posted by I<3Bacon View Post

But in general? Kind of sucks I had to take weight off the bar yet again as my form's been tweaked on all 3 lifts, but hopefully this sets me up for success later. Also humbling because EVERYONE there is stronger than I am. Even the girls. But everyone's been super nice to me. It really is more like a club where everyone knows each other vs. a commercial gym where everyone minds their own business.

I wish I signed up for the seminar at BBBC with Dan Green. A guy from my gym has signed up already. I'm sure it's booked now.

As a side note, I just PR'd today with a 415 pound dead lift raw. Felt good.

Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Okay, I wanna start shedding a bit of winter weight, is HIIT, lifting and caloric restriction the best way to go?

Have you looked into a Ketogenic Diet? It's an interesting option depending on your current stats.
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I wouldn't recommend Keto or any "diet" to someone new to fitness who's just looking to shed a couple of pounds and get in better shape.




Yes, except that HIIT can be changed to any form of cardio or even completely excluded.


1) Use an online calorie calculator to find out how many calories you're burning per day.


2) Sign up at Myfitnesspal and start logging what you eat. Set your calorie goals at 500 less per day than what the calc in step 1. Hit those goals with something like 30-40% protein, 30-40% carbs and the rest fat. You might want to get a food scale so you can be precise. Most people can only start eyeballing and make good food decisions after they have some solid experience. Do not exclude any macronutrient; simply eat well balanced meals with protein in every one of them and good carbs and fats. Cut out all refined food such as bakeries, white bread and the like.


3) Start a lifting program and log your workouts. You might want to try something like "Stripped 5x5".


4) If you want to, you can do some type of cardio. Rest days is best, but you can also do it on the same day as lifting if you have a couple of hours in between. Wahetever cardio you do, it shouldn't affect your lifting negatively. If it does, cut it down or remove it all together. Cardio can just be walking for 45 mins.


5) Track you body recomposition. Use the mirror, a scale, bodyfat calipers or a measuring tape. Adjust calories down or up if you're losing too fast / too slow. You should be able to lose a pound a week if you do 500 calorie restriction per day. Btw, if you're new to lifting, you may very well be able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time which means that the scale weight will not change much. 

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Thanks for the help, that's pretty much what I thought and what I was doing before I stopped because I moved...
Will cardio actually negatively affect my fat loss? I mean, I tend to cycle to uni but my bike's been out of order recently, if I start again, is that an actively bad idea for weight loss? I figured it could never really hurt...
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something like that shouldn't be a problem, unless you're talking huge mileage everyday, which may or may not interfere with recovery. I think that's what conceptionist was getting at before - on a cut you need to focus on adequate recovery, if you don't recover properly that leads to less intensity in your training and that's definitely something you want to avoid. For generalist goals like fat loss cardio and lifting can be combined quite succesfully if you keep things in balance.

It's more when one starts to focus on specific goals like maximal strength, speed or endurance thinking about what you need and don't come into play. For example (in my sport) most professional weightlifters do cardio work regularly - morning jogs and such are pretty much the norm in the more succesful training systems I've seen.
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How to get rid of lower back fat :/
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