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Mark, those squats are sky high, but I believe you're aware of that.


If you're trying to do low bar, your knees are travelling too far forward. I think you need to open up your hips and push the knees out to the sides.

IIRC you own Kelly Starretts book. He explains the squat very well apart from the feet angle thing. Try to initiate the movement by pushing the knees out, rather than forward and sit your hamstrings back and then down to hit depth.


Your upper back seems to round at the bottom. This is probably caused by the upper back not being tight enough an your elbows pointing backward. They should be under the bar. Work on shoudler mobility with shoulder dislocations, stretching out the pecs and working out tight spots in the pecs, front and side delts and triceps. Take wider grip and push the elbows forward, especially at the bottom of the squat. That'll drive the chest up when you come out of the hole and keep you from rounding over. Arch your upper back hard already when you unrack the weight. As your shoulder mob gets better, narrow your grip to tighten the upper back even more.


Also, you're not built to not squat. Everyone can fix themselves unless their coming from a serious injury. It's just a matter of working on it enough. This might sound a bit weird / braggy / whatever but I just wanna give you an example where I've come from:


A year ago, I couldn't reach further down than halfway down my shins and had to stop back squatting for 6 months. I've also broken my left arm up by the shoulder joint where all the ligaments and muscles attach to the shoulder. It fucked up my strength and mobility so bad I couldn't even hold the arm at 45 degrees or even raise it. Then I started lifting, did 50-100 shoulder dislocations a day and now I can do them with a shoulder grip width holding a broomstick.


When I was doing the most mobility work to fix myself for getting back to squats, I did approx 1-2 hours mobility work every single day. Something like this: 

Foam roll and work out trigger points, couch stretch 3x a day, Defrancos agile 8 twice, chinese splits, and sitting in the bottom posiition of the squat  for sets of 2-3 minutes. Boring as hell and it hurt a lot but I got better.


Also did this for every lower body session


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coldsnappy, can you recommend some ulnar nerve flossing movements? or is it a matter of trying a few and seeing what you like / what works.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

What are gentle hip distractions?
I film my squats every session usually, and I have posted here. Even with the advice I get still feels off. This was from one of the last sessions, not going any deeper because if I do the pain uncomforted is exacerbated

Yes we do dude, did you get the message I sent you on facebook?

I got no message
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Jarude just try a few and do the ones that feel strange when you do it.
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None feel strange, some hurt though
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It should hurt in a nerve feeling sort of way. Like a really sharp stretch feeling.
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Markl: if you get hip pain on squatting you may have femoroacetabular impingement
. Basically overdeveloped bone around the hip joint which crunches when you hip flex

Very common in young men

You can do some fadir testing pretty easily at home

If you do have it best not to aggravate it repeatedly (osteoarthritis, labral tears etc)
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Back up to a 3 plate Deadlift.

Also back up to my size 32 pants not fitting anymore
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jarude what did doc say?
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what does the fox say?
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hehe just saw that on FB.
Fuark, Do I even lift?
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Havent gone to the doctor yet, going tomorrow night. Mama jarude is a nurse and she thinks epicondylitis
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