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Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post

GOAT preworkout is caffeine pills. For some ridic reason there's a stigma with taking them, but honestly nothing works better.

I'm on that EC stack now. The biggest side effect is I get really impatient and irritable, but other than that I don't really notice anything.
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Hit my last lifting goal for the year during todays session - 265 squat for 1. Real grinder but got it nonetheless so I'm happy. Also managed to get the same weight for 3x5 that I did for 2x5 a month ago before I deloaded due to poor form. My technique is def better now.


Have thought a bit about what I'm gonna do next year. 

I wanna focus more on strength and refining my technique for the big lifts so I'm gonna swap my current 4 day modified SPBR to 3 days a week fullbody with ICF 5x5. I think the increased volume and frequency will improve my technique and help me gain weight. The only tradeoff is that I will have less time for aesthetics and correctional work, but atm I don't care much about that if I can get stronger while not injuring myself. Later down the line, I'm thinking of going back to 4 days a week with one of Mike Tuscherers RTS routines. High frequency, high intensity, low volume with pretty much only variations of the big three and some other compounds.


Also wanna be able to reach these goals before May:
- 1 RM 4 plate DL
- 5RM 3 plate squat
- 3RM 225 bench

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did 415 DL unbelted today, felt nice and smooth. Really feel much better without using my belt then when I was.
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Smolov Jr. so far so good, last training of week 2 tonight. 6x6 is indeed the worst day.
Hope to get a 120 bench and a 140 HB squat before new year.

In the meantime I've been doing some sunday afternoon gains prep.

Moar Meatz (Click to show)

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My hb squat went from 105kg to 130kg, when I did smolov jr.
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Rly? Cool! I started with 130, will see where I end up.
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got a cheap globo gym month membership on groupon. facility was ok - tons of hammer strength stuff, a bunch of racks, only hex plates though - but good lord above in heaven did i forget the shenanigans that you see in commercial gyms.

the entire 2 hours i was there was a giant

moment. belted 3-plate 1/4 rom squatter chest-thumping between sets giving alpha staredowns was the highlight with bonus points for the gay dude miring my aryanness in the sauna who offered me drugs.

i've been so used to internet standards of lifting (not 400/300/500 = phaggot) that i didn't consider a paused 335 squat and paused 235 bench would be god-tier. between that and the stench aura provided by my rehbands, nobody bothered me. smile.gif
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Drank way way too much last night and took to overeating today to get better. Feel terrible all around.
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Had an awesome bench session today, broke some PR icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif May post vids later.
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Visited family for thanksgiving. Ate like a fucking king for 4 days straight. Back on track tomorrow.

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Bought a shit ton of protein from bulknutrients in Australia this week, will recommend for any aus brahs here....if there are any. Cheapest local source and fast delivery, decent taste.

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Hope you got choc mint
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Chocolate mint always makes me think of toothpaste.

My fav protein flavours ever: ON Coffee, CN Cookies n' Cream, Syntrax Roadside lemonade
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

Syntrax Roadside lemonade

That sounds snork[1].gif
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Any decent place in the UK to get teh proteinz from? MyProtein?
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