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250lb squat at 6'1 < 275lb squat at 5'7
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I think Louie Simmons may have dementia by now, this is lolzier then the straight legged clean.

oh fuck an even funnier one. Doing snatches from kneeling on the floor

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

250lb squat at 6'1 < 275lb squat at 5'7

Those aren't legit numbers. It was to demonstrate that two men weighing the same, the significantly shorter of the two should be able to lift more.
- he squats 465 and I squat 365

He is no doubt stronger and I'm not trying to claim my lifts are harder because I'm taller. Just trying to satiate the curiosity after a discussion we had over the weekend.
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LOL Fuji... I'm not one to discount anything (at least not quickly), but I can't wrap my head around that.
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I haven't seen a tool to normalize weight by height, only weight (Wilks, etc). I have never seen it suggested that height is beneficial, longer levers and what not. Even if you do find a tool to normalize by height given assumptions about levers, any random individual would still deviate from those assumptions. One of you could always complain about a longer femur, less thoracic mobility, lower test, endo/ecto, and so on.

A rough guide I have read is 5lbs / inch - so you are "underweight" in the comparison by 30 lbs AND mechanically disadvantaged.
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Suck it tall people.
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pretty sure Dimas snatched from the knee
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sounds to me like your friend is hauss and you're just skinny icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Have my annual PT test next week, hoping to get 75 pushups in a minute, 70 crunches in a minute, and 9:45 run time for a 1.5 mile.
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Stopped by Dan Green's gym on the way home from work tonight. The place is actually pretty nice... like half PL gym/half crossfit box. It's actually quite reasonably priced and apparently Dan's usually there most weeknights helping out members and giving pointers (considering joining because of this alone). There were only a few people lifting, but I recognized most of them from local meets.

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why the hell are you not lifting there now
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

why the hell are you not lifting there now

I'm a giant phaggot.
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Yeah, wtf. You should def switch right away.

Just lifting with guys way stronger than you and getting some pointers will help you a lot for sure. 

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Get a fucking membership bacon! The only thing stopping me form going on a rant on why you should join is your name is bacon.



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Uhmm... WTF... I'm in San Jose which means I'm stupid close to Dan Green's gym. How did I not know this?

How much was the membership btw?
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