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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

I have people telling me all the time not to be hard on myself and life would be so much easier if I listened.. but to be quite honest, I like punishing myself physically and mentally.. I know for a fact I wouldn't be where I am right now if I weren't hard on myself to be better.

I'm going 1850 by the end of 2014. I fucking know it.

I hear ya. I'm hard on myself in a dumb and time wasteful way. I push myself hard but then I will double guess every step of the way.
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Would like to hit 1000 total by 2014, so that's about 300lb over right now. Sound doable?
Originally Posted by TRINI View Post

Have you guys ever had an evaluation done to see where you have deficiencies that may limit your lifting?
I had a PT buddy do one on my lifting partner this weekend and it was pretty revealing. Some hip imbalances, glutes not firing, limited shoulder flexibility - all of which would or have been limiting his squat and bench.

What exactly does this involve?
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Originally Posted by virus646 View Post

You might wanna change attitude if you wanna get strong satisfied.gif

Most of the strong dudes you see on youtube have years(5,10,20+) of experience. People don't seem to realize that it is a quite a marathon.

Oh I'm not gonna stop or anything, I just wanna be huge now. But you can't have your cake and eat it too without pinning, I suppose.
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^ If grip strength is truly what's holding you back I could see that. I never used straps but focused hard on my failing grip and hand position and my dead lift skyrocketed.
Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Meet Total Progress (Click to show)

Thanks for this. It's nice to know you weren't always a fuckin' beast and we started somewhere near the same level haha.

My bulk kinda turned into a recomp instead /shrug. I'm floating at 160lbs, but I feel and I think look leaner and bigger than my previous 170lbs. My g/f says maybe it's because I'm not gorging on tons of food like Krispy Kreme, in-n-out, etc. like I did last time to shoot from 150 to 180. Feels pretty good actually. I tested out my 1RM with a friend who happened to be lifting heavy on his 531 days and I've stayed relatively in the same spots maybe losing a bit here and there.

445 DL
355 Squat
215 Bench

So pretty successful, but now I really need to focus on an actual bulk and get my weight up a bit. 160 feels good, but I feel I'd be that much stronger at a plump 180+
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

dude you got a long ass way if you not even pulling 300 yet, takes time tho i guess.

I'm curious to see how this year treats me, I hope its a good one. I think my lifting goals for 2014 is just to not be so hard on myself and trust even more in the process.

Breaking 1000+ and donating 100$ to charity isn't on there eh frown.gif
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It is!
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

What exactly does this involve?

I don't want to oversimplify it but he had my friend run through some exercises/movements while he looked for imbalances and lack of adequate mobility.

For example, he had him do one legged step ups on a box and could see misalignment of the hips, knees, etc.
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I don't have lifting goals for 2014. Regain my strength I guess.

My fitness goals are not really lifting related anymore. I just want to not get injured and be able to run a 10k
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Been doing conventional deads for the last 2 or so weeks. Haven't done them since pretty much when I first started lifting, but my sumo is stalling so I thought i'd change it up. Didn't use straps to appease the rhetards. Using them for the last year or so doesn't seem to have negatively affected my grip strength. Body weight of 181.
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Looking good fuji
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Are those 25 kg plates? Weights doesn't seem to add up to 180 kg unless I'm blind or just not counting correctly.


Any reason you don't pull from a dead stop every rep?

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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post


Let's see how laughable this is: 


about 180-185lbs right now


Press = 80x5 Novice

Bench = 125x5 Untrained

Squat = 170x5 Untrained

DL = 215x5 Untrained



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First plate is a 25 then its 2 20s then a 15. You can probably see the plate furthest in is a little wider. Lol because then I wouldn't be able to use as much weight and setting up for each rep would be a lot of effort.
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Srs question, when you guys track your intake do you actually weigh everything out or eyeball it or what. Like if I drink some milk I'll estimate the number of cups instead of actually weighing out the glass.
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I weigh everything. Probably more important while cutting though.
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