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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

I'm in your shoes, 200lb and too fat to keep bulking but don't care enough about body comp to want to cut at the expense of strength. How'd you approach it?

Same here, strength is still number one. I'm going to keep bulking from 193 - 200 in the next 10 weeks and do a mini meet, hopefully hit 400 squat 435-450 deadlift and be happy enough with that. I think at that point I can cut without feeling guilty and will probably hire someone to cut down to 185 and hopefully maintain my #s. My programming will have to change too and will probably hire someone for programming during cut, can't lift like I am now on a caloric deficit.
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Last call for the secret Santa! PM your addresses before midnight! The more the merrier!
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Excuse me for sounding ignorant, but why is it physically impossible to go ATG with low bar? Why does that couple of inches where the bar rests on your back make such a difference?

And you say that high bar is more quad dominant, is low bar more hamstring dominant?

It's just not bar placement. To keep the bar over mid foot, the technique has to change. Knee travel, forward lean and how much you sit back are all different in the two types.

Picture the typical low bar squat. Just breaking parallel, sitting back and almost completely vertical shins. Decent forward lean of the torso with the bar placed on his rear delts.

If he's going to drop his ass to the ground, the lower back has to round severely. There's no way you can go ATG with vertical shins, sitting back and with some forward lean (how most people low bar squat).

If your form more looks like Charlys (upright torso), it might be possible, but then you'd have to go with an even wider stance than he does, and his feet are already up by the sides in the power cage. It would be like a chinese split.

And yeah, I believe hamstring receuitment is bigger low bar. The stretch reflex is greatest with vertical chins and just breaking parallel, not deeper, IIRC.
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"You can be half of a lot of things-- don't be a half-repper."
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Just don't end up bulking for a full year like me nod[1].gif

24/7/365 bulk, no abs no fucks crew.
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New sriracha sauce at subway is a game changer
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FUCK you muricans get the best food
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

New sriracha sauce at subway is a game changer

Had some of that yesterday, it's pretty fucking baller. Mixed it with ranch on a buffalo chicken sub. Fuck, gonna get that for lunch again today. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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$5 footlong became $15 yard-long.
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My Footlong Double-Meat chicken breast usually comes out to $10 and change.
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I wish Subway sold french fries so I could pack my sub with them. frown.gif
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Subway is disgusting. To each his own I guess.
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quadruple meat 6 inch chicken. I've done it. Tough to contain between bread.
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you can if you use a flatbread.
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I can't get over how every subway smells exactly the same. Chipotle crew signing in.

Also Wendy's.

Also Popeyes.
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