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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Been doing a lot of reading, and I think when I recover from this cold i'm going to try squatting high bar. Do you guys find it is easier to go ATG with high bar because that's what it seems like based on a lot of literature.


I've read a lot on this subject, since I have had massive problems with back squatting, up to the point of almost injuring myself and having to work around them for 6 months. 

Wether you should go high bar or low bar depends on a few different factors, but mostly just preference (which you're most comfortable with) and the length of you're femurs.


I am tall with long femurs and have good hip abduction so I do a lot better with low bar and a wider stance, pushing my knees way out to the sides.


The shorter your femurs and the more you can push out your knees to the sides, the shorter the ROM and generally easier it will be for you to hit depth. Your torso will also be more upright which is a plus.

If you're under 6" and have shorter femurs, and don't mind pushing a bit less weight (low bar generally makes you squat more), high bar could be the way to go. Most BBers go with high bar since that tends to stimulate the quads more, although this very debated. 


If you don't want to switch to high bar, you can still go low bar for your back squats and do front squats on another day. This is what I do since I need to bring my quad and ab strength up.


Btw, it's anatomically impossible to go true ATG with a low bar position, unless you let your knees travel waaaay forward or use a super wide stance. If you want to go ATG, I would recommend high bar.

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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I trained with that guy IRL. Was def Knucks.

and he hates charly

Long torso and short femurs ftw!!!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just wondering what everyone's femur ratio is from that article. Mines fuckin .29, shit sucks for someone 5'7"
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Not exactly sure where to start measuring from on the hip, but mine seems to be around 0.28

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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Most BBers go with high bar since that tends to stimulate the quads more, although this very debated. 

is this really debatable?
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in other news, i read this article on nyt about telling yourself that your workout feels good to make it less tough. I ended up repeating "feeling good, feeling light" to myself over and over and had a great run
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

is this really debatable?


Hmmm.... just looked up the study I had in mind.

It actually compared stance width, not bar placement. The conclusion was that a wider stance recruit more muscles with pretty much equal quad stress as a narrow stance.


This might be stretching it, but you could say that the same applies to low vs high bar since low bar is often with wide stance and high bar medium-narrow stance.

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Supple Leotard called out by DPT.
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i bet starrett loves rybakou
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First 400 deadlift icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Used straps since forearm is still jacked up. Still, 400 was nice considering I haven't deadlifted anything over 2 plates in weeks.
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^Congrats... but shoulda made it 405! Kidding, still awesome.

On a deload week, which feels fanfuckintastic... I think my upper body is getting bigger from all the accessory work I'm doing and I'm really pushing chinups HARD. Hopefully I'll be able to fly soon.
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Jerked 110kgx2 today, feels good man. Also close grip benched 90x2.

Have an interview at my top choice investment bank (boutique, focuses on M&A and restructuring) how to prepare?
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i know nothing about IB, but i remember a friend of mine telling me one the questions was the monty hall problem. it's a simple problem that throws a lot of people off.
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