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For some reason when I do ab wheel it feels like my forearms are being ripped out
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Could use some perspective on an injury. Woke up after deadlift day 3 weeks ago, with unusual soreness, different than muscle soreness, localized to the top of my butt. If I look at an anatomy chart, I think the pain is entirely in the coccyx (or sacrum?). The pain is mild, never sharp, just a persistent dull ache. I've tried stretching, ice, Advil, but it's still a problem 3 weeks later.

Saw a PT two weeks ago who thought it was an inflamed disc, maybe L5 or S1. Tried some of the stretches suggested, but no improvement. Reading around the internet, my symptoms don't sound like the way others with disc injuries describe theirs.

Any thoughts on what I could try? I've stopped lifting, as I have no idea how to treat this.

more details: after the initial injury, I tried my usual stretching, foam roller, 600mg of Advil 3x per day for 3 days.

PTs advice was focus on hamstring stretching, ice, stretching backwards from the waist, trying to remove any pressure on the spine/disc, avoid stretches that require bending the back/spine.

So, 3 weeks later, it's possible I haven't been consistent enough (assuming there's a stretch, therapy, etc that would deterministically fix this) or maybe I just haven't let my body heal.
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Jarude you will have a crazy strong core; I wish I had your attitude to ab work smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

For some reason when I do ab wheel it feels like my forearms are being ripped out

My tris used to burn when doing them. Now its all good, I'm just trying to gradually elevate my knees as time goes on.
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Jarude you will have a crazy strong core; I wish I had your attitude to ab work smile.gif

I hate ab work with a passion. The only way I'll do it is if I superset it in since if I just tack it on to the end of my session there's a 98% chance I will skip it.
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Nice 345 squat. You prob gonna beat me to 400 shog[1].gif

I'm surprised I made it through my squat day. 8 sets of speed squats, highbar squats at 70%, pause squats at 65%, axle cleans, GHR, roman chair.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post is my log for anyone who cares to follow along.

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Yeah, those squats are looking really good, Jarude. 

Pretty much perfect form and depth is very nice. I'm gonna have to work on maintaining a more rigid and flat core. I still arch my back a bit too much.

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Just checked those squats out to Jarude, that black coffee must be doing something great since those 'max' squats look great as concept said!

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Thanks guys. I've never used a belt up until about 2 weeks ago and it really helped.

I'd also like to thank my Aeropress and Amon Amarth for the parts they played nod[1].gif
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I was in the area, so I decided to stop by Risto Sports to pick up a pair of their Oly shoes.

Wow, are they beautiful and they added a ton of stability to my squats. I really had no idea what I was missing. I might post a thread on these with detailed pics on the construction.

I met Coach Ivan Rojas, who is a super nice guy, extremely knowledgeable and just a humble dude. His gym is hosting the final qualifier for the American Open on Sunday and I've convinced my wife and son to go.

I'll start training with Ivan icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif and hopefully my son will as well. Funny how quickly life turns, going from a fat Michelin Man to training with a coach sending up Olympic athletes.
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Give me a hookup on those risto sports compression shorts smile.gif
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Just found out about Mike Tuchscherers Reactive Training System. His protocols are a bit too advanced for me atm, but there's a ton of great information on his site:


Dude is part of Juggernaut and is freakishly strong too.

Here's one Deadlift tip that helped me a lot.

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275 felt like a ton of slag today lol. 225x16 was incomprehensible based on how it felt in the warmups
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Mike is strong and rts is a sound routine. He trains two people that I train with, you got to be pretty advance and know your body really well to do it.
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I like the idea of working with autoreglation and fatigue % to determine your workloads and how you should program to continue making progress, but as you say don't think I would be able to apply it correctly. I need more experience first. 


I also find his view on overtraining and how strength is built very interesting. Goes against most of what I've read so far. 

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