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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I have no problem with people using less than perfect form / full ROM, except for when they talk about how much they lift.
Half squatting 2xBW is not the same thing as ATG. TKJTG's pull up form was def good enough and going higher up to the chest is extremely hard and will most likely not lead to more gains. That said, a lot of other guys are so full of shit about what they really can lift.

Do you even macros?
Don't wanna sound rude, but it's pretty weird to talk about how you're getting a bit too fat when you're eating that. The more fat you eat on a surplus, the more calories get stored as fat, generally. If it's just a once-in-a-while meal, that's another thing. 

Oh for sure, I think i've mentioned I try to get my 3,500 daily calories as clean as possible, this is a once in the blue Sunday meal. Wish it was more often though shog[1].gif
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I think i'll post some chin or pull up videos in the coming days, got dat infomercial pull up bar, see if one of my room-mates will film me.

Skeen will have a field day
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Originally Posted by Eason's sig 


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Also, where is jarude?
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

Someone lied
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More food less :foo:

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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

but i bet he can do perfect pull-ups
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Ok Rhetards. I went to the gym, and filmed some pullup videos as warm up for my work sets of weighted chins

The first one I got the camera angle wrong and ended up filming the ceiling.

Heres the second set only slightly better cinematography

Key differences between strict pullups and the previously posted struggle-ups
-Chest pulled to bar, not chin only barely clearing the bar with massive neck extension
-Smooth continuous motion without jerking from the bottom

If you are going to post a pullup video and claim that they are a good example of "real" pullups, you should get the form right or expect to be criticized.
Especially if you're an intermediate lifter and you're only using bodyweight
If that video had been posted with the same form, but 100lb hanging from his waist, I would let the form issues slide (as we have all agreed, form is not the most important thing for gains) and admire the strength (but it still wouldnt be a good example of pullup form)

Here is a video of one of my working sets of chin ups. BW+40kg (~90lbs) for 7 reps.
Yes the form gets ugly towards the end, but I'm near my limits doing this, not making an instructional video of an example of good form

Have at it
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Just came back from a Chinese Acupressure massage session. 90 minutes of pain but man does it feel good afterwards. Good way to end a deload week for maximum recovery.

She made some interesting comments on my physique.

- I have very small bones in my arms

- I have built shoulders, triceps and low back but the area around my thoraic spine need more muscle

- My left leg has larger hammies and my right leg has more bulk around the IT band and quads

- super stiff neck, traps, upper back and hammies (I think this is applies to most people)


Also, stomach has been all kinds of crazy since yesterday. Haven't been able to eat anything today and only ate a small breakfast yesterday. I hope the damage won't be too big when I get back in the gym on wednesday.

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Sitting here in airport reading last few days nonsense. Quality entertainment. Thx gize.
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Based on my uneducated opinion and limited experience pullups/chinups are not that great for lats anyway nest.gif

I mean I can do weighted chins and all that, but I feel way more activation from HS/cable rows. I def can't hit 7 reps +90 though, that's impressive.
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Why the fuck are any of us listening to someone about what's a good pullup or not from someone who finds a 300x8 difficult?

We've been trolled.
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This whole discussion is stupid. Why are we feeding the trolls with this crap.
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Yea, I feel dumb for even responding tbh.

Anyways, keto fucking sucks. Who has done keto for more than a few days?
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I did and it fucking sucks. Hopefully I won't have to do it again.
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