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Thanks, that made me feel good.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Aww shit I'm really close to a double bodyweight squat. Thought of hitting 400lb squat early next year has me so jazzed. I don't care what you people say, I'm still always impressed when I see someone in the gym squatting 2x hisbodyweight, that's if he weighs over 150lbs.

why you always hate on us small folks T.T
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Originally Posted by Tigerprawn View Post

Thanks, that made me feel good.

Don't flatter yourself! You're target #1 to pass next year, better be training hard!!
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Who am I racing with? VSLI and MarkI? I think you guys have me on bench, well MarkI def does.
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Highest 5x5 reps I've completed is 165, what are you at now?

Highest 1RM dead at 315 and squat at 225, but the deadlift wasn't very graceful smile.gif and really neither was the squat...
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VLSI haven't you been training for like a year now? As long as you're sleeping and eating enough you should really be above 225.
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Since about March. There's been up and down periods in terms of progress, definitely a learning process. For a long period early on, I was eating around maintenance and doing a rough approximation of a recomp, weight moved up a couple pounds over the course of months. I then lost a couple months when I tried to cut followed by three weeks of terrible eating and zero lifting to fat fuck myself. Also, I'm back on a cut right now but being much more strict with diet and logging my weight consistently. Things are looking pretty good right now though smile.gif
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Paused bench: 165 for 2 x 5
Squats: 235 for 2 x 5
Sumo deads: 275 for 1 x 5

Gonna switch back to conv dl since I'm much better at that and it suits my build. Did sumo to strengthen my glutes and hammies. My lift also sucks in relation to how long I've been lifting.
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I'm also in that ballpark:

Bench 165 2x6
Squat 225 2x5
DL 285 2x5
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Working my way back up from injury and not really going for strength (just maintenence at this poitn).

Front Squat: 195 3x8
SLDL: 205 3x8
Bench: 195 3x8
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Super tired, food hangover, skipped the gym last night, should I go today?
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no start working on a real hangover right away
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Too late, went and blew past what I did last time. All that Mexican I ate last night gave me sweet sweet gas gains.
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That feel when over the past two weeks three friends have posted contest pics that shit all over yours.

That's some next level motivation right there.
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BTW do you guys do any sort of specific ab work? I've been slacking on doing them because I feel they're so unnecessary but then again I'm all about aesthetics. Just don't know if they'll be useful at all.

Was 192 this morning, can't wait to hit the 200lb mark for the first time in my life. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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