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pretty oldschool stuff really
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Originally Posted by virus646 View Post

Not trying to go too heavy, mostly working on technique and speed so it was not PRs but a good session nonetheless. Any tips from low-bar squatters?

Your knees are going too far forward and your heels are coming off the floor slightly (edit: or you're rolling your feet... hard to tell from this angle). Set your knees, then sit back. It looks like you are trying to keep your torso too vertical for low bar. Looks like you are doing a high bar squat.


Take a look at Charly's bottom position. Compare his back angle and knee position to yours.

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Charly has really short femurs though and extremely extremely strong hips. I'm not saying anything was more easier to him, but short femurs help a lot with sitting way back in the squat. I would like to see my bottom position added to that comparison, from the squat video I posted a bit ago. I think I land in between charly and virus. I try to sit back a lot, wish I knew how to develop such strong hips like Charly has. I've been squatting with bands around my knees to use my hips/gltues more, Tmash taught me this and I can get up to about 225 with it.
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I'm seriously thinking about getting surgery for my deviated septum. I'd be lying if I said lifting and potential opening of chakra gates wasn't a huge motivator in my decision to do it.
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Hard to tell because your feet aren't in the frame, but you look closer to Charly than virus based on the back angle.
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Hmmm I wonder where I line up. I dont think I have a vid from the side.
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Ah, yea. I do sit back a bit more. Thanks for that. I need to keep my chest up more, weak thoracic spine I got. I think as you progress with squats it's really easy to get tilted more and more forward and end up over developing your back and hams as opposed to quads and glutes. Might get to 500lbs that way, but past that maybe not!
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I want to try those Outlier three way shorts to lift in, to replace my patagonia shorts I always wear with goofy ass pockets. But goddamn $148 shorts and I'm not sure if they will work in the gym as good as the patagonias have.
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^ They won't. Outlier also changed the cut without saying anything so the top block and hips are way more snug. Pity because I enjoyed my pair at sz 31. I sized up to a 33 currently and it wasn't working out.

If you wanted fancier shorts that you could still wear around http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/433658499/olivers-the-last-pair-of-athletic-shorts-youll-eve . A lot of people didn't like the idea, but I think it's great and exactly what I wanted out of a gym short that I could also wear hiking, climbing, etc.

All else fails wear pants all the damn time like me ^_^.
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Ah gotcha, I can't be having that tight block when I squat. Have you tried out those Olivers shorts? The patagonias do work pretty well' they are bulletproof and organic cotton is comfortable, they just have a weird back pocket. I just dropped $10k on a car so I prob shouldn't be shopping ha.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Charly has really short femurs though and extremely extremely strong hips. I'm not saying anything was more easier to him, but short femurs help a lot with sitting way back in the squat.

I think you've got this the wrong way around.

Short femurs mean you don't have to sit back as much for the same depth. Even though charly is doing low bar, he still manages to stay relatively upright because his shorter femurs mean his knees don't need to come as far forward and his hips don't need to shoot back as much as someone with long femurs.

put 3 pencils together and change the lengths around and you'll see what I mean.
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That's exactly what I meant.
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Coldsnap, explain more about band around knees please. Sounds like something worth trying.
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Just take an elite FTS mini band and step through it, bring it up to your knees and squat with it. You want to push out against the band with your arse. I use to do it to warm up and get my glutes firing before I squatted, never thought to leave it on until Travis told me to. He said to always use it for my warm up sets. Made sense to me.
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Interesting. I've been finishing off my squats with light paused squats, but will give those a try.
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