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Gonna attempt 315 bench press next week fuark
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

yes lack of blood flow to your tissues is generally bad news but i did not mean a knee-jerk problem like that. we talked this over with my PT and she wasn't all that keen on the forced gliding of the fascia and all that shit that the treatment entails or something

not to say one shouldn't do it at all if it helps, but as with most things it's not the answer to everything.

I agree it's not the answer to everything, seriously injuries need to be taken care of with professional care. Although it is damn effective for every day bumps and bruises from lifting. And it's always the small stuff that goes ignored which then turns into larger injuries.
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No swipes but Coldsnap's SN in the context of his constant suggestions to "voodoo floss thru the pain" is kind of funny laugh.gif

Pain is a message.... you have to listen to your body. If you do something and it hurts, your body is saying "yo dont do dat". Taking time off + RICEing have pretty much ALWAYS worked for me. And when it didn't, making adjustments (i.e. sleeves, straps) or changing my routine to get rid of aggravating exercises did. There's no shame or really anything lost in down time.
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Originally Posted by speedy4500 View Post

If you really want to test hook grip feels, try repping some heavy snatch pulls or snatch DLs. I hate those exercises.

hate. let me tell you how much I've come to hate pulls since i began to lift.
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I was just curious if the sleeve will buy me time to recover slowly while not putting off the exercise altogether. The sleeve will give me enough leverage until I do not need it anymore. Right?
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Gt I don't think the rheband ones will. I got mine a few weeks ago and they are nice for keeping the joint warm but don't offer much leverage

I just think its important to be able to take care of yourself. This year that I've lifted steady I've passed a shit ton of people who were in the same place as me in my gym. Being able to do maintence on myself really helped with this because I've made no concessions in my lifting.

but yea to each his own, whatever works for you
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Such strange use of the word leverage.

I will never go back to a rehband style sleeve after using triple ply elastic again.
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Sigh... even with the 5 lb weight loss, I'm now selling off more clothes and repurchasing the same damn things in larger sizes. I guess this is the life of a dream bulker.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Such strange use of the word leverage.

lol yeah. leverage, torque, power (and "explosiveness") word use really has me struggling.

Still, nowhere near to the level of "nerve flossing" and all this weird rubber band use. So strange.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

lol yeah. leverage, torque, power (and "explosiveness") word use really has me struggling.

Still, nowhere near to the level of "nerve flossing" and all this weird rubber band use. So strange.

Never used them, not even foam rolling. Is that something to be proud? Don't think so but oh well....foo.gif
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20 pound PR for a 1RM.. and got it for two doubles.

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Yea Charly, letting that strength marinate like a good stew.
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Originally Posted by concealed View Post

Food for thought http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-barbell-dogma-doing-more-harm-than-good/
I said this before and got blasted here. Crawl before you walk. But I was wrong before. Eventually, walking should be the goal. A desk jockey with upper/lower cross syndromes, internally rotated shoulders and all the other shit that comes with... well... being a desk jockey... needs to correct all that shit first and get balanced, then work their way into the shit...
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I used to do the 3 a week IA SPBR split and would be totally gassed out by the last exercise. That's a pretty low volume routine with 5 lifts a day or so.


Now, I do 4 sessions a week, with higher frequency for the main lifts, 3-5 more worksets per session and higher volume on the assistance. I've also added 1 or 2 light cardio sessions a week. Of course, I felt like shit the first weeks switching over but over time I have adapted. I'm not entirely sure you should always listen to what your body is telling you about recovery. Granted, injuries are a bit different and should be allowed to heal properly before getting back on it, but the standard "feeling sore and beat up" after heavy lifting can be worked around. On some rest days I feel like total shit, sore all over, and I've noticed that I feel a lot better if I perform some kind of active recovery instead of just laying around. Being more active helps me a lot. Some days I've contemplated skipping the gym have turned out to be PR days.


I've read quite a lot lately about overtraning and higher frequency heavy training, like the Easterns Europeans. If I've got the time to be in the gym that frequently, I'd like to try it out at some point. I skipped the whole "full body high frequency SS style" programs when I was a beginner so I have no personal experience with it. I do know however that my main lifts are better now that I practice them more often and I wonder how I'd do squatting and benching 3 times per week (with regulated intensity).


Matt Perryman has written some interesting stuff on the subject:





Glenn Pendlay and John Broz also have some interesting stuff.

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