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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Kai looked awesome. He should have won. It's a giant conspiracy and besides phil heath looks like he's on steroids

I think he just had one too many creatines
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I read an article where Dan Green advocates that you push out your knees to the sides on the descent and actually bring them in a bit just when you come out of the hole. Apparently in gives you more power and speed out of the bottom.

I've started doing this, it definitely works, give it a try.
Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

there's no way you can safely pick up or rack the weight on a fucking incline bench.
that's just asking for trouble.

This. Find another gym if you can dude.
Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

I'm not discounting all the work these guys put into it, but honestly, modern bodybuilders look like absolute garbage.

Rhoden looked pretty good to be honest, got that tight waist, but he won't be winning like that.

My favorite part was when the commentator was talking about how Ramy had only been training three years and put on 80lb on muscle in that time, "he's just got good genetics, everything grows" ... yea ok lol8[1].gif
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To be fair he does still have to have exceptional genetics. Even with an ungodly amount of gear he's not going to put on that much muscle without amazing genetics. No one else in the Olympia has only been training for 3 years.
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Still think best physique ever is Arnold conquer pic
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That's like announcing to the world that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever.
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Squat form check. Still figuring out what works best for me. I can stay completely upright up until 155lbs, have to break at the hips with anything heavier. 

Any pointers?

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You're supposed to break at the hips. shog[1].gif
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Looks good
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Mirin' your deadlift. Maybe get camera a bit closer next time though.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

24 hour weigh in again.

Most of it's water (80+%)

Some fat and muscle probably. No clue to be quite honest. And don't really care as long as I make weight AND it doesn't affect my performance.
Can't give away all my secrets now, can I?

I'll just say that when I'm coming off of about 4.5-5k calories a day and a lot of salt, I tend to drop a lot of water.

I'm jelly. I can't fuck with salt too much. Dat black hypertension gene. My BP is already borderline

Speaking of which how are you guys cholesterol/BP??? I'm waiting for results from a checkup last week...
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Regarding (dietary) cholesterol:
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BP was 116/58 last I checked. No idea what cholesterol is bc I'm afraid to go to the doctor's office.
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BP is like 150/90 I think, getting medication for it eventually. It's hereditary, but I don't think my life style is very good for it.
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Getting cholesterol done tomorrow along with some other junk. Want to see my numbers before I go back to the end in a few weeks. Anyone know how to raise my TSH levels for dat thyroid diet pill?

BP typically comes in around 120/70
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I know I'm def the heaviest/fattest I've ever been but I don't plan on being this way permanently. If I could be a real lean 190 w/17" gunz at 5' 10" I'd be happy.
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