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Hah actually skipped the gym again last night to do some shoulder stretches. Woke up this morning at like 98%, happy with that choice for sure
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Originally Posted by JeffRisk View Post

Non fitness question for my rhet brahs. Due to the courses I picked this year I'm doing the same class as someone studying actuarial science so I could change to that in my 3rd year. Also on that system if you are doing well enough you are exempt from needing to take your actual actuary exams. Would actuarial science be a better degree then statistics with finance for a person looking to get into finance, if not do actuaries make lots of money?

My sister is almost an actuary. You can make a lot of money, depending on what you do, but your hours can also be hectic. What specifically do you want to do and why do you think actuarial science or finance/stats combo will get you there?
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That's a bot...he copied/paste what fuji said + added a link.
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lolol didn't even notice.

What happened to the t-shirt idea? Can we just agree on a simple design? Maybe just have "RHET" written on the front?
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the name idea was ok but then we'd have to decide whos in the inner circle
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My liquor cabinet now has more supplements in it than liquor.
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TKJTG since you gonna be a ortho whats your view on NSAIDs use for gym bros? I usually don't take them unless I am in extreme pain but sometimes I wonder when I tweak stuff If I should incorporate 3-4 days of NSAIDs to keep inflammation down. Like last night I woke up with unbearable arm pain, scale of 1-10 it was an 11, took 325mg of Aspirin and good lord did I feel like 1,000$$ went right back to sleep in blissfully.

Dude in my gym takes 2 aspirin before every work out. My old olympic lifting coach would take aspirin pre and post workout. I could see it being a problem by masking pain from bad mechanics that needs to be addressed and I've read studies that it actually leaves you more inflamed than not taking it.
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last I read nsaids ate up ur gainzz
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I heard dat too. I want to keep my gainz. This is my last week of high volume squats so the pain should be gone. Interesting enough two other guys who are competing with me arms are hurting from squats, just it's just a result of high volume squatting getting ready for a meet.
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having been on about sixfold the dosage CS mentioned (ibuprofen) for a good 4 weeks i can definitely say they mess with your training a lot. fucking super exhausted all the time.
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There's no conclusion out there on NSAIDs and muscle growth.

^This is the study that frequently gets quoted when it comes to this issue. My first thoughts are -- 1. these are in mice, not humans, and 2. the study was over 2 weeks, and 3. the equivalent doses for a human would be very high. Not sure how applicable it is to us. There's some bench-based evidence that it might interfere with protein synthesis. But, this isn't a slamdunk on NSAIDs. In fact, there's a couple studies out there that suggest the opposite effect:


^In this one, grandpas made all kindzzzzz of gains. This obviously has some limitations being in older adults rather than athletes.

In practice, we frequently prescribe NSAIDs for musculoskeletal pain and nobody seems to be worried about the potential effects on muscle growth.

As with every medicine, take them in moderation. Taking them once in a while for bad pain is obviously fine(as was in your situation). It's the folks who take them daily for DOMS who might run into trouble. I certainly wouldn't ban NSAIDs from my medicine cabinet.
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Just took 800mg ibuprofen. WHAT DO?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

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Also FYI no longer going ortho route. Going for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation instead with a possible Sports Medicine fellowship. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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