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Is soreness an indicator of a good workout? Had what I thought was a great chest day yesterday, but woke up this morning and my chest is hardly sore, meanwhile my legs are still killing me from Tuesday.
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No it's not.
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Dunno. I'm in a constant state of soreness
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I'm almost never sore.
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Pretty much never sore confused.gif

Only if I take a break of like a week I'll get sore the first time back.

Also, toasty I found your new workout routine, you're welcome:
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my legs and back are constantly sore
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Likewise, I find my legs and lower back in a constant state of soreness but everything else is a crapshoot.
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much better TK
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Think I might go to IHOP tonight. I've been really good with my diet but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to squat tomorrow unless I consume a massive amount of calories to recover from yesterday.
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Thats good form TKGTK real good form

Anyone got any advice for dealing with... patellar tendonitis. Of course just when I start to get good on squats my right knee starts acting up. It's not debilitating but even leg press and quad extensions aggravate it.
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I know the conversation is over, but that girl just sent me a text

"Hey, I miss you"

I'm guessing something went wrong with her boyfriend again and she wants to be taken out, then fuck to spite him. Meh. A few months ago when I had less self respect id be down like a clown, but I just deleted the text.

tl;dr: herpes
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damn Mark you just dont know a good thing when it comes around, do you?!
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Mark this is the opportunity for what I think folks call a "hate fuck"
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