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God damnit
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I'll eat my shoe if this looks good. I want it to though, rooting for you.
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Both, duh.
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Cool, Jon North is back. Was talking about it on his radio show, dude is fuckin intense.
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I think I fucked up my right knee
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Cool, Jon North is back.

Hate that guy. Huge ego, loud mouth, and attention whore. I generally don't root against people, but I get a little joyful inside when he misses a lift.
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Juggernaut Training Systems
In regards to yesterday's controversy,

I removed the article from the site because it isn't a reflection of how I want to present information.

I could make excuses as to why it was posted but that would be worthless, the fact is I posted it and I am the sole gateway through which our articles must pass and I failed you, our fans and readers. ...

Travis and I are friends and I respect him as a person, lifter and coach and that hasn't changed.

I agree with many of the sentiments in regards to training that he presented but it was not presented in a way that I want.

Again, I apologize and will do everything from here forward to earn back those whose trust in us wavered, by continuing to provide the highest quality training information possible and support the betterment of training across the board.

Chad Wesley Smith
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He's talking about it live here
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What controversy?
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they p much said rippetoe doesnt even lift
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Come at me bros my angus is peppered
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Word to the wise, if you wake up naturally earlier than expected, but feel rested and well, don't go back to sleep just for the sake of getting more sleep.
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inb4 do you even lift, go kill yourself, etc.
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Great improvement TKJTG. That 405 was solid. I'll get that one day.
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