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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

tfw can't grow a beard frown.gif


at least we have a saying that bad men can't grow beards so I'm sticking to that
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i actually got a good tip from men's health--i was having trouble keeping my front squats in my quads and they recommended putting plates below your heels. Bam, way more depth and a ton more quad activation.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

girl shit

dude just let it go and use it to recognize the fade. girls don't owe you shit and won't do those things you might think are "common decency" because often what you're calling common decency is you finding ways to externalize the fact that you're disappointed that she's not into you anymore. like, it's not her job to delete you from instagram/stop liking your pics.

anyway i like chicks with a bit extra on 'em too. Some evolutionary fertility shit or something.
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cant grow facial hair crew. we have a movember contest at my job last year and i won "worst stache" out of ~75. man it was painful walking around looking like a perv for a month, but i raised quite a bit icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

trying a two-a-day today. buddy wants to lift tonight, but i can't stand waiting until 9pm, so im going to bench and do a little assistance work and then go hard on the volume tonight.
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Can take a nap and develop facial hair...... Hope I'm not a 'Bad Man' frown.gif I'm short as fuck If that makes you feel better smile.gif
Squats creeping back up; fingers crossed they keep going! Didn't do much today just messed around with cleans and some half-assed OHP.
Wish me luck on my 3x5 set of squats tomorrow; going up 2.5 kg for a PR. Heavy deads in the PM after.....yoga (with wife)...... Seriously though helps my mobility a ton and core is ready for DL straight after!
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Mark -- don't be a phaggot.
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Alright, thanks for telling me what I already knew fellas.

That and not being a phaggot.

She was super sexy though, personally thought she was the hottest i've ever done, maybe that's why im fixating.

Onwards and upwards!
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Though, I dunno what you guys are on about with the lil extra girls. I like them skinny as all hell, with some nice little titties and a plump butt. So fun to throw around and manhandle.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

RHET brahs, could use some advice.
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You don't usually friendzone someone after you fuck them two days after meeting them, and continuing to do so for the better part of a month.

Whatever, over it.
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Means she's getting it elsewhere.

Sloots gonna sloot.
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I know she is for a fact, at the end of the day she was just a glorified hoodrat who wouldnt know a good thing if it smacked her in the face. I'll let it be.
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The vast majority of women have no concept of loyalty. That's why they cheat, talk badly about their own friends, and purposefully deceive men. Her behavior is pretty typical.
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If you confront her about it you have about zero chances of hooking up with her again. Let her do whatever, don't speak to her. Next time it goes south with her bf for a bit she will be hitting you up for sure. Wife that Italian cougar, haha jk.

that crossfit video is great.
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Dude you are in NY just team up with GN

There are toooooooooooooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy women in NYC , seriously they go out in packs looking for dick
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